Adiant Mobile Announces Launch of New Product, the MX-LOCareNT™

RESTON, VA – 10-04-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Adiant Mobile, the manufacturer of the MX-LOCare™ GPS Safety Watch, announced the launch of their new product the MX-LOCareNT™. Adiant Mobile has created the MX-LOCareNT™ specifically for parents who desire the ability to communicate with their children without having to purchase an expensive cell phone.

The MX-LOCareNT™ features text to voice to text, a personal emergency SOS button, and GPS location. Like the MX-LOCare™, customers will be able to enter up to 16 contacts in the watch as well as the ability to pinpoint the location of the wearer any time in any place.  It provides automatic one-minute location updates and five-day battery life.

“We are thrilled to add the MX-LOCareNT™ to our product offering as a lower cost safety solution for this important market,” said Adiant Mobile President Vinny Dispigno. To power the MX-LOCareNT™, Adiant Mobile has formed a strategic partnership with KORE, the leading global provider of IoT connectivity solutions. Through KORE, Adiant Mobile customers benefit from always-on, secure, global managed connectivity. Regarding the partnership, Pete West, Regional Sales Vice President at KORE said, “Today, the Internet of Things is doing much more than just saving companies money, but helping to save lives. KORE is thrilled to be enabling a solution such as the MX-LOCareNT™  that is positively impacting the lives of users and their loved ones.”

The MX-LOCareNT™ costs $129.99 and monthly service as low as $14.95. Customers can call (877) 980 4477 or go to to purchase this great safety solution to protect the ones you care about the most.

About Adiant Mobile:
Adiant Mobile is a GPS solution manufacturer based in Reston, Va. Founded in 2014, Adiant Mobile provides solutions for the at-risk community to safeguard those that live, work or play in accidental or potentially dangerous situations. Adiant Mobile can be found on Twitter at, on Facebook at and Instagram at The Adiant Mobile app can be acquired at either the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices.

About KORE
KORE provides the people, expertise, and technology to support the many visions of the IoT, from the Inspiration of Things to the Innovation of Things to the Internet of Things. Founded in 2003, KORE quickly rose to become the world’s largest managed network services provider specializing in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications. Today, KORE is a global leader in software service and platforms that power the IoT, with millions of active on-network units. KORE is the brand powering other leading brands, including some of the world’s largest enterprise customers. KORE’s singular customer-centric focus is to identify and develop solutions that help clients realize IoT innovations and accelerate time-to-market schedules. KORE has over 350 people who serve customers in 110 countries, empowering new business models and opportunities to monetize the IoT. KORE: the people powering IoT. For more information, visit, read the KORE blog and connect with KORE on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo.

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Company Name: Adiant Mobile
Full Name: Victoria Belen
Phone: 877-980-4477
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