A Smart New Resource For Female Entrepreneurs Building Their Brands

NEW YORK, NY – 01-16-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Far too often there are lots of resources for the starting businesses and the well-established brands, but like life, the brands stuck in the middle don’t know how to get to the next level. Well not anymore.

The December 2017 launch of EmpiHER™ magazine (http://empiher.co)has brought vetted expert advice from true professionals across all fields. This print and digital monthly magazine doesn’t share hacks and how-to’s. EmpiHER™ magazine shows the businesswoman what’s really out there, what really works, what to look for while moving her business forward.

Founder, Ali Craig says, “ It is frustrating and time-consuming to sift through loads of articles to end up with “fly by night” ideas or hacks that you and your team don’t even have time to try.”

The master experts whose wisdom is featured in each month’s issue speaks to the needs of a modern business: branding, marketing, social media, sales, as well as the businesswoman herself. Craig goes on to say, “With nearly 20 years of working with entrepreneurs from around the world, I know how to vet out a true expert vs a “want to be.” For EmpiHER™ I personally interviewed countless applicants to make sure that the experts featured each month were true craftspeople and industry titans of their fields.

Combined we have over 96 years of business know-how centered around helping brands get seen, get known, and get the sales.”

The 2017 Master Experts for EmpiHER™ magazine are:

–          Laura Boyd, Professional Brand Photographer and owner of Own Your Brand. Co out of New York Cityhttp://ownyourbrand.co

–          Emmy Wu, Video Marketing / Launch Strategist and owner of Emmy Wu Media out of Portland, Oregonhttp://emmywumedia.com

–          Lara Eastburn, Facebook Ad Specialist and owner of Lara Eastburn. Com out of Austin, TXhttp://laraeastburn.com

–          Stacy Mayfield, Digital Marketing Strategist and owner of Stacy Mayfield.com out of Ontario Canadahttp://stacymayfield.com

–          Ali Craig, Neuro Human and Luxury Branding Expert and owner of Entreventure.co out of New York City and Phoenix, AZ  http://entreventure.co

Media Contacts:

Company Name: EmpiHER™ Magazine
Full Name: Martha Christie
Email Address: Send Email
Website: http://empiher.co

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