A Puppy Toy Unlike Any Other

LA, CALIFORNIA – 11-07-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Puppy season is almost upon us, which means destructive puppy monsters a plenty! Just as important as food, a new pup requires mental and physical stimulation. Without it, you might be thinking you’ve made the wrong choice and be heading to the pound, dropping poochy off with the thousands of other pups that end up there every festive season.

Minimizing boredom reduces the risk of destructive behaviours, and HoundGames has released the ultimate boredom buster for pups, the Doggy Play Mat. “We set out to create the ultimate puppy toy, making a list of everything a pup would need in a toy to get maximum interaction,” says Geoff Boileau, creator of HoundGames. “One of our ideas was to design the play mat in the color spectrum of a dog’s eye sight, to seem more vibrant. Research shows that dogs see in a spectrum of blue and a somewhat mustardy color, which is the reason dog agility courses are primarily made in blue and yellow.”The Doggy Play Mat incorporates dental chew toys as well as rope toys and a squeaker to ensure puppies never get fatigued by playing with it. We also wanted to make it a place for a pup to relax, as dogs will calm themselves through chewing. The Doggy Play Mat enables them to lie down on the memory foam mat and comfortably chew to their hearts content.As well as durable and made with eco-friendly materials, the Doggy Play Mat is also machine washable for the inevitable puppy accidents!“We’re super proud of the product and the reviews speak for themselves.”The toy is currently on sale on Amazon.

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Website: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073Z84W17

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