A New Era? In an Explosive Culture Show Interview, The Epoch Advisory Reveals Nu Dae Productions Merger and Details of the Dolan Twins’ Secret Project, Stunning Listeners

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – 09-04-2018 — Hollywood’s reputation for dramatic innovation in the creative arts resurged just this past Friday in an eye-opening segment of iHeartRadio’s The Culture News on the phone with David Serano, which hit listeners with a series of explosive revelations from the founding publicist of The Epoch Advisory and the founding video producer of Nu Dae Productions.

Dani Miller of The Epoch Advisory, together with Nu Dae Production’s Mackinzie Dae, unveiled the news of their merger on air. They then dialed up the heat for listeners by revealing that they were collaborating with the Dolan Twins on their “top secret” directorial debut – telling the show that it was a widely-anticipated new music video for the popular independent Australian alt-pop band Cub Sport.“We’re thrilled to make this announcement, as it completely revolutionizes how we can help our clients, expanding the value of our offer to our clients. The dictionary definition of the noun, ‘epoch’ is the beginning of a distinctive period in the history of anything – and this project certainly fits the mold! We’re humbled daily by the amazing quality of all our collaborators, and proud to be a part of this,” said Dani Miller.“When everything is said and done with this project we hope to change the world for the better, thanks to the Dolan Twins, the story of Cub Sport, our collaborators, and our vision – that, quite simply, love is love.”The landmark merger between Nu Dae Productions and The Epoch Advisory heralds a radical shift in both the public relations and video production industries. Now, artists and creators can get a full-service production powerhouse that specializes in high-end video and PR strategy from concept through to campaign launch.The trailblazing news comes at a time when many of YouTube’s biggest stars seek to capitalize on their success by building their celebrity in the wider world. Among those stars are the beloved Dolan Twins, Ethan and Grayson, who recently announced in an Instagram post to their 6.4m fans that they were working on a “top secret” directorial debut project. It was not until The Culture Show interview on August 31 that fans finally got to hear who the artist was.The upcoming Dolan Twins’ production is a product of Miller and Dae putting their resources and connecting the dots by collaborating with other influencers, as well as venues and brands, including Jonnie and Mark Houston (Houston Hospitality), renowned Director of Photography Michael Bolten, Lume Cube, Lucky Brand, ballerina Isabella Fonte, the A-List, Preface PR, MUA Yasmein Abdulla, and more. While the team is being tight-lipped about what the final production will look like, the roll call of names is already causing a stir for fans around the world in anticipation of what all this talent in one space can achieve.Thanks to the production expertise that Dani and Mackinzie bring to the table together, more and more social media influencers can make the leap and use their passion for art and creativity to bigger audiences on TV, film, and commercials. Both Miller and Dae are passionate about helping their clients to influence society and our culture with positive messages reinforcing the importance of growth, inspiration, and evolution.“Everyday is an opportunity to change your life and create something out of nothing – for the better,” added Mackinzie Dae. “This project with the Dolan Twins and Cub Sport in particular is an exact reflection of where our youth is, and the ongoing evolution of our beliefs as a society.”Not content to just help artists to create something that helps their careers to bloom, the agency is also focused on tackling social issues, founding United Stance Against Bullying (USB), an organization with a mission to end bullying, especially digitally. USB’s goal is to set clear expectations that bullying and cyberbully is harmful and as serious as its real-life counterpart. Their goal is to utilize their projects to educate the youth and general public with a model of positive and respectful digital behavior for a safe and enjoyable space for everyone.The dynamic approach of the full-service company is geared to take Hollywood by storm in the coming years, threatening to release a steady stream of exciting, fresh, and innovative concepts produced to award-winning standards. Whether old media or new, this new company is positioning itself as the driving force behind tomorrow’s superstars with flawless productions and real messages.Cub Sport’s music video is scheduled to be released by the Dolan Twins exclusively through their platform toward the end of September 2018. For more information about The Epoch Advisory, Nu Dae Productions, and to find out more about their collaboration with the Dolan Twins and Cub Sport, please visit https://www.theepochadvisory.com/. For all general and media inquiries, please contact Dani Miller at 650-667-8584 or [email protected]About The Epoch AdvisoryThe Epoch Advisory is a creative boutique agency championing a personal approach to public relations in the Hollywood music scene. The agency takes pride in being a part of the beginning of a distinctive period in the history of music supervisors in public relations. Often forgotten, music supervisors are instrumental in shaping all of Hollywood’s most memorable television and film scenes, where their work amplifies the emotional intensity of a moment for viewers. For more information about The Epoch Advisory, please visit the website.

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