A Job Board Created by the People for the People

CHARLESTON, SC – 09-27-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — New Job Hiring Website Hopes to Compete with “big job boards;”

‘PYNOT’ Uses Video Entries for Job Hiring to Help Applicants Stand Out 

Job hiring portal adds fully integrated website component in addition to 

iPhone mobile application

PYNOT (Put Your Name Out There), a locally engineered tech approach to job searching – has added a fully integrated website component to bring more efficiency to hiring. The company launched an app for iPhone users earlier this summer.


Job seekers can browse the website or app for relevant job positions and apply with a 60-second video, produced right on their own phones. Hiring managers can also now populate job listings on a desktop, in addition to on the mobile app. 


“We made improvements to our website so we can compete with the big job boards. 

Hiring managers can now directly input more job listings,” said Chris Nichols, CEO of PYNOT. “Our product exists to make the job hiring and the application process more efficient for everyone.”


Nichols added: “Video is a big part of our culture today, and we wanted to find a way to weave it into the job search experience for free.” 


The website and app allow hiring managers to find qualified candidates with a click of a button.  PYNOT services industries that rely on recruiting employees with special skills: food and beverage, hospitality, sales, health, beauty, fitness, retail, customer service, and any other job where passion, personality or skill could be put on display.  



Hiring managers then view the applicants’ video entries to determine who merits a face-to-face meeting. Initial recruiting can be done from anywhere, which saves managers time. The app also includes a feature that allows employers to list 3 written questions, business profile video (applicants can see their new workspace/ meet hiring managers), and encourages seekers to upload their resumes. 


Tillson Galloway, a prodigy currently studying at Georgia Tech, did the coding of the app with design assistance from Brink Norton.  


To find your next employee or dream job, please visit pynot.net


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