1517 Media Launches New Nonfiction Imprint

United States, Minnesota, Minneapolis – 01-28-2020 — MINNEAPOLIS – 1517 Media, the parent company of Fortress Press, Beaming Books, Augsburg Fortress and Sparkhouse, is launching a new imprint, Broadleaf Books, to publish distinctive nonfiction books in the areas of religion and spirituality, social justice, personal growth, Christian living and the intersections of religion and culture. 

The imprint will be overseen by two veteran trade publishing professionals, each with over 20 years of experience: Associate Publisher Jill Braithwaite and Senior Director of Marketing and Sales Alison Vandenberg. Braithwaite and Vandenberg also oversee Beaming Books, the children’s trade imprint of 1517 Media.  

“We are thrilled that this new imprint will allow 1517 Media to continue to publish books from thought leaders and emerging spirituality voices that reflect on how to live with meaning and connection,” said Braithwaite.

By serving readers looking to cultivate lives of faith while promoting the common good, Broadleaf Books is dedicated to reaching a broader general reading audience. “Our readers may or may not be active in Christian communities, but they share a belief that questioning, self-reflection, activism and inclusivity can be valuable aspects of a faith journey,” said Vandenberg.

The inaugural Broadleaf Books titles are slated for publication starting July 2020 and will include Just Faith: Reclaiming Progressive Christianity by Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons, Worth It: Overcome Your Fears and Embrace the Life You Were Meant For by Brit Barron and IRL: Finding Realness, Meaning, and Belonging in Our Digital Lives by Chris Stedman. The imprint will release 21 titles in 2020, followed by approximately 50 titles each year after that with a commitment to growing the seasonal list over time. 

About Broadleaf Books
Broadleaf Books is committed to expanding the mind, nourishing the soul, cultivating the common good. Our books inspire transformation in readers and their communities to foster a more open, just and compassionate world.? Rooted in the progressive Christian tradition and reflecting the diversity of human creativity, we publish books that engage readers in fresh, substantive, timely and inspiring reflection on what it is to live with meaning and connection. To learn more, visit www.broadleafbooks.com. 

About 1517 Media
1517 Media creates multimedia resources and distinctive books for Christian communities, higher-education learning and scholars and the general reader. 1517 Media’s imprints include Beaming Books, Broadleaf Books, Fortress Press, Augsburg Books, Augsburg Fortress, Sparkhouse and Lutheran University Press.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: 1517 Media
Full Name: Mallory Hayes
Phone: 612-330-3139
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.broadleafbooks.com

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