Low-Cost Press Release Distribution 2019: Pricing Review on Easy Newswire and PRDistribution.com

People often wonder when is the right time for submitting a press release, well, the right time now. If you have something newsworthy, something you want to share with the whole world, be recognized by thousands of audiences, submit a press release right away. Lately, the PR Distribution industry has become quite competitive because many companies are offering cheap press release distribution services.



It may be difficult without prior experience using PR Distribution services to find a reliable distribution provider that can provide your press release exposure to the targeted audience. The main reason behind this is many websites are misusing the word “PR Distribution” where they are not required to guarantee placement into any media outlets.  Only a few companies are able to provide with guaranteed exposure in the top new sites at affordable prices. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4cO2TOTt4c&t=12s

Easy Newswire is a reliable PR Distribution service provider, serving customers since 2016. It’s easy to submit a press release to Easy Newswire. Their distribution network includes most up-to-date media contacts and thousands of journalists across more media outlets, also consumers.

Single PR Distribution plans are the Standard, Premium, and Premium PRO, offered at $49, $129, and $499 respectively. The cheapest Standard PR Distribution plan offers website placement, Social media exposure, RSS distribution, Google, Yahoo, Bing result. Moreover, in guarantees Media visibility, appearances on Online newspapers, Television news sites, Radio News sites, Broadcast stations and Local media sites. Customers receive a distribution report after the distribution process is completed.

PRDistribution.com is the best low-cost global press release distribution provider in 2019, offering PR Distribution plans that guarantee placements into tens and thousands of media outlets. Pricing for single distribution plans are offered at $69, up to $299. No matter which PR Distribution plan you purchase while making the submission, your press release will get a permanent placement in the PRDistribution.com news section. Also, every press release gets maximized visibility with the Google, Google News, Bing, Yahoo and Bing News Inclusion.

Many of the regular customers recommend the mid-range Premium Pro PR Distribution plan, which ensures placement in 100+ media outlets including premium networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and many more. A comprehensive distribution report is shared via email within a few days with the customer. The Premium Pro PR Distribution also features the search engine inclusion and website placement, at only $129.

In a review of 2019’s best press release distribution services by Fit Small Business, PRDistribution.com was found to be the best press release distribution service provider at low-cost.

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Original Story: https://www.prdistribution.com/pr/lowcost-press-release-distribution-2019-pricing-review-on-easy-newswire-and-prdistributioncom

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