Will Your DEAD Bedding Pollutingly Clog a Landfill After Exposing You to Toxics…Or Can It Have a Higher Use?

Here’s a way for anyone to lower your environmental footprint—just by finding an alternate use (and source) for something you might have sent to the landfill.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, July 14, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — When you buy something for your home, how often do you think about the health impact of its use—and what’s going to happen to it when you’re done?

Think about pillows, for instance. The typical foam bed pillow is a “hot mess” of flame retardants, formaldehyde, and other chemicals that can have negative consequences for your health during your years of using the pillow,* and has no future beyond the landfill (where, if the landfill is not properly run, those chemicals could contaminate water and soil).

Marlon Pando has a better idea. The CEO of White Lotus Home in New Brunswick, NJ, Pando suggests buying pure cotton pillows, enjoying their chemical-free comfort for a few years, and then donating them to farmers who can use the pillows as all-natural organic soil amendments—as compost, in other words.

“You benefit, the farm benefits, the earth benefits,” he says. “You sleep better on a healthy pillow that doesn’t emit toxic fumes—and you sleep with a clearer conscience because you’re doing the right thing. The farm gets a bit of free compost, as the pillow, made of wool or various organic plants, slowly and gently nurtures the soil. And the earth has a little bit less toxic junk emitting fumes and chemicals in a landfill.”

White Lotus Home is a pioneer in natural organic bedding, located in New Brunswick, NJ. Founded way back in 1981, the company makes mattresses, pillows, bedding, furniture, and home décor by hand, in the USA, from natural organic materials such as wool, cotton, kapok, and even buckwheat hulls.

Pando, who emigrated from Peru and has an MBA, has run the company since 2005. White Lotus Home. All White Lotus products include shipping within the US at no extra charge. They’re also available at the company’s flagship store, at 745 Joyce Kilmer Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 09801—and at selected quality bedding retailers around the country. The showroom is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday

Pando is available for interviews: [email protected], 732-843-4990


* See for example https://draxe.com/is-your-pillow-toxic/

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Carrie Brunner grew up in a small town in northern New Brunswick. She studied chemistry in college, graduated, and married her husband one month later. They were then blessed with two baby boys within the first four years of marriage. Having babies gave their family a desire to return to the old paths – to nourish their family with traditional, homegrown foods; rid their home of toxic chemicals and petroleum products; and give their boys a chance to know a simple, sustainable way of life. They are currently building a homestead from scratch on two little acres in central Texas. There’s a lot to be done to become somewhat self-sufficient, but they are debt-free and get to spend their days living this simple, good life together with their five young children. Carrie writes mostly on provincial stories.
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