Mother of 6-year-old boy connected to Amber Alert found dead, Quebec police say

The truck of the father of the little boy of Saint-Eustache, which has been the subject of an Amber alert since last night, was found a little after 2 am in a roadside stop in Lachute. Neither the father, Ugo Fredette, nor his son, Louka Fredette, 6, were in the truck.

A local resident, who was warned by the Amber alert, reported in the middle of the night the presence of Mr. Fredette’s van – a white Ford F-250 registered with FLK5965, marked “Axon” in red letters – in a municipal roadside The fall.

The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) triggered the Amber alert when she discovered the corpse of the mother of little Louka, also joint Ugo Fredette, at 5:35 pm yesterday.

The body of Véronique Barbe, 41, was found in the family residence of Rue Antoine-Séguin, in Saint-Eustache.

We have two events […] and we know that there may be a link between these two events, but we do not have all the information.

The lieutenant of the SQ, Jason Allard

The SQ police have undertaken a search in the area of ​​the a rest stop in a wooded area. A SQ helicopter flew over the neighboring woodland, while handlers were brought in to find Ugo Fredette and his son. Members of the tactical response group are also on site.

Divers of the SQ also carry out research in the nearby river. “We even have divers [in the river] because all avenues are being considered,” said Lieutenant Jason Allard of the SQ. “However, we do not have information that would allow us to believe that there would be something more than elsewhere. ”

We have no information as to where Ugo and Louka might be.

Lieutenant Jason Allard of the SQ.

“It is also possible that he took another vehicle to leave the premises,” says Lieutenant Allard. He asked the public to keep an eye open, since the investigators did not rule out that the child could be located elsewhere in Quebec.

Mr. Allard even mentions the hypothesis that the father and son are no longer together.

A broken cell phone was found on Route 329 in Lachute, about 300 meters from where the van was found.

Police have established a new security perimeter around the remains of the aircraft as a preventive measure, but they specify that the road is very busy and that the aircraft could come from another vehicle.

Two Crime Scenes

“[The discovery of the van] is a major step forward, because it is the first hours after the disappearance that are the most important,” said retired SQ police officer and police affairs analyst François Doré. RDI waves.

The former policeman emphasizes that the investigators will be able to draw several information from the analysis of the site where the van was found. “What’s inside the pickup truck?” Are there any clues? Is there a letter? Are there things that lead us to believe that they are in the neighborhood? Asked Mr. Doré.

Investigators seized videotapes from the gas station near the spot where Ugo Fredette’s van was found. They viewed the videotapes without any significant information, since the surveillance cameras are oriented towards the gasoline pumps.

Domestic violence

Ugo Fredette was known to police officers who often had to respond to calls for domestic violence, according to Radio-Canada sources.

Several neighbors reported that the couple was experiencing difficulties, information corroborated by a friend of the couple, Yanick Chouinard.

“Ugo and Veronique are high school friends,” says the man who had his child cared for at Mrs. Barbe’s nursery. “Without knowing all the details, what I saw was that it was brewing at times,” he said, adding that the situation seemed to have improved this summer.

“Lately, I can not tell you,” said the couple’s friend. “I had withdrawn my child from the Véronique family daycare six months ago, because she had been forced to close her daycare for a period of time. Since that time, we were seeing a little less, we were talking or we talked on the phone. ”

Véronique Barbe, 41, was the mother of four children and owner of a family day care center.

“Priority is to find the child,” said another SQ spokeswoman, Audrey-Ann Bilodeau. “We do not know in what state this man can be,” she remarked.

She specified that the circumstances surrounding the woman’s death remain unknown, and she invited Ugo Fredette to come and deliver her version of the facts.

She also called on the population to be vigilant by saying to call 911 rather than try anything.

“We can not believe that a person could do that,” said Louka’s aunt, Annie Ricard. She said that Ugo Fredette used to camp with her child in the United States. “But with the Amber alert, we do not know. He might have gone to hide in the woods. ”

Producer for a documentary on Cédrika

Ugo Fredette had attempted, together with director Stéphan Parent, to produce a documentary on the story of Cédrika Provencher, a girl missing in July 2007. But, due to demands from the Provencher family, the film never born.

“I do not know him very much, but I’ve met him a few times to take scenes in a documentary” he wanted to produce, said Cedrika Provencher’s grandfather Henri Provencher. “His son, for him, was of capital importance,” he continued. I remember he had talked to me about it. He said, “If something had to happen to my son, I would not take it.” ”

“But, I think it was a pretty sensitive person, and when something like that happens, it happens like a blackout, ” he said. People do not know exactly what they are doing. ”

All we want is for the child to be safe.

Henri Provencher

Mr. Provencher took the opportunity to appeal to Ugo Fredette by inviting him to put his son in safety. “These are situations of adults for which the children do not have to pay,” concluded Mr. Provencher.

“Put your child back to the police without further delay,” he wrote on Facebook.

Any information can be communicated to 911.

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