The Driveway Company Offers Quality Paving in a Variety of Materials

The Driveway Company is a UK based contractor that installs driveways, paths, patios, children’s play areas, and swimming pool decking for property owners. The company offers driveways made from a variety of aggregates including resin, rubber crumb, pattern-imprinted concrete, block paving, and tarmac.

The Driveway Company’s key strengths are its highly qualified and experienced installers. All of the firm’s team of professionals are fully insured with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee and are qualified in installing driveways of all types.

In terms of resin driveways (, The Driveway Company offers two types. Resin bonded where resin is laid on a hard surface such as concrete or tarmac. Gravel aggregate is then scattered on the wet resin and left to set. This option is not suds (sustainable urban drainage systems) compliant and is the cheaper of the two options. The more expensive alternative is resin bound where a sub-base is needed before the resin is laid and is suds compliant. The main advantages of resin driveways are that they are cost effective, attractive, long lasting, can be installed quickly, and can be easily maintained.

The Driveway Company also offers homeowners the latest trend in the construction industry; rubber crumb ( Their main component is recycled tyre granules mixed with aggregate, which can be laid over concrete or tarmac and be fully suds compliant when laid over a hardcore sub base. Rubber crumb is an anti-slip surface and therefore suitable for schools, children’s play areas, and athletics tracks. The main benefits of rubber crumb are that it’s environmentally friendly, a cheaper alternative compared to other surfaces, durable, fast draining, and vandal resistant.

In addition, the company offers pattern imprinted concrete (, which involves the installation of a hardcore sub base and the pouring of concrete on top. Pattern imprinted concrete has many advantages including an increase the face value of the property, freedom from slipping hazards, the ability to install creative patterns and colours on the driveway, crack control features, and hassle-free drainage systems.

Prospective clients can find more information and obtain a free no obligation quote by filling in the online contact form at

Media Contact
Company Name: The Driveway Company
Contact Person: Mick Young
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01522 246666
Address:2 Lincoln Rd
City: Dunholme
State: Lincoln LN2 3QY
Country: United Kingdom


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