Sworkit Fitness Launches on Apple TV

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Sworkit has worked so well for so many because they can access it anytime, anywhere from any smart device.

Washington, DC

Sworkit is excited to announce they have launched their fitness app on Apple TV, bringing their extensive library of exercises and guided workouts to a new outlet.

The DC-based company, which also just earned a place on Apple’s Best of 2017 Developers List, has helped millions of people from around the world start an exercise plan and stay healthy while on-the-go.

“Sworkit has worked so well for so many because they can access it anytime, anywhere from any smart device,” explains Sworkit CEO Ben Young. “Now, every time users flip on the TV they’ll get a gentle reminder to take 5 minutes for a quick stretch or more!”

The move to the big screen allows whole families to take control of their health and start stretching, moving, and exercising together, while enjoying the convenience and comfort of working out in their own homes.

Sworkit offers 6 week training programs, a huge database of body weight exercises, custom exercise intervals, and more for every fitness level.

“This year we’ve also added warm-ups to all our strength and cardio workouts,” said Young. “We hope this will help our users, particularly beginners, ease into fitness and protect themselves from injuries, especially when they may have been more sedentary.”

By following along on a TV, users will also be able to see the exercises in greater detail and complete them with better form.

Sworkit is available for iOS, Android, and now Apple TV.



Nexercise launched Sworkit in 2014 to deliver on-demand, video exercise programs that can be done anywhere, anytime. Its leadership team is comprised of two Wharton MBAs, an Air National Guard Colonel with an ACSM trainer certification, and a former US Army Captain who holds an ACE group fitness certification, and a former US Army Captain who holds an ACE group fitness certification. These unique backgrounds gave them insight into every facet of the fitness industry and helped Sworkit earn a place on Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Fitness Companies of 2017.

Sworkit has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, as well as in Lifehacker, Women’s Running, Gizmodo, Mashable, In Touch, Brit+Co, Elle Magazine, Shape, Parents Magazine, and more, and was ranked SELF Magazine’s 2017 Best Bodyweight/HIIT Workout App.

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