Struck By Sound Publishes New Single, “Spectacular”

    ORANGE, CA, November 16, 2017 — Southern California based Pop artist and electronic music producer Struck By Sound has just presented 2017 with his brand new inspirational-styled single, titled: “Spectacular”. Written and produced entirely by Struck By Sound, “Spectacular” debuts tomorrow, Friday, November 17, 2017. The music single, ringtone and video will be available on all digital music retailers and music streaming sites such as CD Baby, Amazon, Google Play, ITunes, Spotify, Youtube, and

Born and raised in Southern California, Struck By Sound was heavily impacted by the growing Hip Hop scene during the 1990's, also known as the 'golden era of rap'. Many of the artistic characteristics of Struck By Sound's style originates from being influenced by legendary musicians such as Eazy-E, 2Pac, NWA, The Eagles, The Doors, and Jimmy Hendrix.

Struck By Sound's energetic and intense style on “Spectacular” lights up a variety of colors to the ear which many would find elements of Classic Hip Hop and Classic Rock fused together to create a unique audio experience. Detail is the work of a true artist and Struck By Sound is so meticulous on this track he gives music fans a run for their money.

“Spectacular” brings something special to the table that few other contemporary songs bring, that is intensity and inspiration simultaneously. Gathering a group of growing followers through his music, Struck By Sound continues to produce music that excites and sparks people to believe in their own abilities and ideas and to use it to their life's advantage.

Struck By Sound is largely known as an inventive electronic music producer, a visual artist and a recording artist of Popular music. A songwriter, composer, keyboardist, sound designer, recording engineer, music video producer, graphic artist, and live performer, Struck By Sound is seasoned for the music industry in the 21st century. Struck By Sound is also the creator and sole owner of Struck By Sound Records & Publishing, an independent music company located in southern California. (Amazon) (Google Play) (Spotify)

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