SocksLane Compression Boasts One of the Highest Reorder Rate in the Industry

SocksLane, the leading manufacturer of women cotton compression socks on Amazon, shows one of the highest rates of returning customers in their category.

Portland, OR, December 07, 2017 — SocksLane, well known for their revolutionary women cotton compression socks, are quickly becoming a phenomenon in the Amazon marketplace as customers satisfaction levels stay amongst the highest in the marketplace and past customers keep coming back to purchase more of their products.

The company is quickly reaching the 300 reviews mark with a 4.8/5 rating, one of the highest in the market where a 4/5 rating is considered pretty good. High customer satisfaction is translating in more and more reorders from past customers that now are asking the company to come up with yet more colors in their desire to wear the company products in every occasion.

Amanda Dixon, the company CMO, declared in a recent interview, “Reading our customers' reviews is becoming an addition, some people's comments are so nice and moving that I just read one or two every time I need the motivation to deal with the day to day running of our business…”

Maj, one happy customer writes in her review: “I am 35 weeks pregnant and have had lower extremity swelling after a long day at work. Wish I had bought these socks sooner. They are cotton, so breathable, and at the end of the day, the feet look great! Really glad I bought them.” And Vicky: “Comfortable and cute compression socks, had to order another pair right away.”

SocksLane cotton compression socks are available at, they come in 3 different models (more very soon according to Amanda Dixon). They are made of 65% combed cotton and high-quality stretch fibers and are strong, naturally Hypoallergenic and comfortable. For the uncompromising woman who needs the support of a top compression sock without giving up on looks.

The socks also come with free shipping, and a no-questions-asked 100% Money Back Guarantee and can be purchased on here:

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