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Press Release updated: Jan 15, 2018 13:58 EST

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., January 15, 2018 – SoftPoint, a leader in payment processing technology, launched its revolutionary smartwatch technology. WatchPoint was designed to work with SoftPoint’s DataPoint solution. DataPoint is an integrated tool that allows an existing merchant on various point of sale systems to take secure PCI compliant EMV transactions.

WatchPoint was specifically designed for the SoftPoint Drop at the Table payment method. As SoftPoint has built many customer-facing options like Up Selling, Advertisement, CRM, Surveys and more, there was a need to alert the restaurant server of the status of the payment when the payment terminal was dropped at the table for the customer to complete. WatchPoint works in unison with DataPoint allowing the server to know when the payment was completed. It also informs the server if the customer would like the server to return to the table, or if there is a problem with the payment. This allows for the merchant to offer a better payment experience that expedites service and utilizes the terminal to enhance revenue for the business.

SoftPoint has also added a complete in-store communication and control process where the employees can communicate via WatchPoint. The simplicity of having the tool on your wrist makes it convenient and easy to operate. WatchPoint can also be used to update table status and to notify the server when a customer order is ready. SoftPoint is also in the process of turning WatchPoint into a full out payment device for contactless payments.

WatchPoint is currently patent pending. SoftPoint is in the process of licensing WatchPoint to several Point of Sales companies and even to DataPoint competitors so they can also take advantage of this revolutionary technology.

For more information on SoftPoint and their products, visit or call +1 (480) 745-3049.

About SoftPoint

Founded by experienced retail, hotel and restaurant owners, SoftPoint recognizes the tribulations that company’s experience, offering beneficial products and consultations to business owners. SoftPoint’s innovative Point of Sales system is used with cutting-edge technology that provides businesses a single platform for management and processes of multiple areas. This Scottsdale-based company offers valuable technology typically only accessible to large corporations to merchants and businesses of all sizes. For more information, visit

Source: SoftPoint LLC

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