Published Author Hosts Common Sense Talk

Life Coach Johanna Sparrow Helps People Nationwide

Published author and life coach, Johanna Sparrow, is now helping people with life issues on her weekly radio show.  Coaching services and assistance on an individual level are offered through her website as well.  Self-help books are also available.

“Life’s struggles are real and they can be overwhelming,” stated online radio host and life coach, Johanna Sparrow.  “If you are dealing with a personal crisis or life’s issues have you down, you are not alone.  There is help.  I combine my personal experiences and valuable knowledge to help people nationwide and I can help you too.  Whether you click on to my website, enroll in personal coaching, listen to my radio talk show or pick up my book, be sure you do something towards the solution if you are having a tough time.  My passion is to help.”

Johanna Sparrow is a prominent online radio host and self-help author.  She is also a relationship expert.  With the radio talk show now able to reach thousands, the life coach is reaching out nationwide.  Personalized consultations in life coaching services, books written to assist those who are experiencing hardships and weekly talk shows are examples of how Johanna helps many.

The Common Sense Talk radio show is broadcast every Thursday at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time and 11 a.m. Central Standard Time.  Conflict issues, relationships and love are among the topics the life coach covers.

Antoinette Watkins goes by the pen name, Johanna Sparrows.  She has been writing for more than 21 years.  Her published writings include children’s books and self-help material.  She covers such subjects as personal growth, conflicts and relationships in her writings and basis them upon the “Heart Bruised Conscious Connection Renewal” system which she has incorporated into her coaching since 1995.

Johanna’s first self-help book was published in 2014 and is entitled “Don’t Tell the Milkman if You Don’t Want Him to Tell the World.”  The book deals with relational aggression through lies, gossip and bullying.  She followed the book up with two more books being published later the same year.

The online radio host addresses struggles with marriage, dating, family, career, tragedy, relationships and personal growth in her books and in her talks.  Her positive attitude and genuine care and concern are raved about in many reviews.

To find out more about life coach Johanna Sparrow’s talk radio show, books, life coaching and more, visit her website at


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