PogoCam, the World’s Smallest and Lightest Attachable Eyewear Camera, Now Available for the Holidays

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–In time for holiday gift giving, today PogoTec announced the availability of PogoCam, the world’s smallest and lightest attachable eyewear camera. At $149, the PogoCam attaches magnetically to most glasses so consumers can maintain their own signature style without being forced into less fashionable eyewear options. The small, lightweight, and easily removable camera lets users discover the world from their point of view and capture photos and HD videos. Images are easy to transfer and can be shared across all social sites when used with the PogoTec smart case.

PogoCam connects to the smart case using a standard USB-C connector. The smart case can hold 16,000 photos or up to 90 minutes of video. Measuring only 2.8 x 1.6 x 0.7 inches, the device is designed to easily fit into a pocket or purse to provide added protection and functionality to PogoCam.

The smart case charges PogoCam in as short as 35 minutes and has the capacity to provide up to three recharges before being recharged itself. Once PogoCam is connected, all images and video are automatically transferred to an internal memory chip as well as any smartphones or devices connected via Bluetooth.

“Consumers take more than three billion pictures a day from smartphones, so we know that giving people a more convenient way to take pictures with PogoCam will result in even more life experiences and memories being captured and shared,” said Brendan Sheil, CEO of PogoTec. “Forget about cumbersome and obvious eyewear cameras, with PogoCam you can use your own personal eyeglasses or sunglasses and be sure to easily capture those shots we tend to miss when we are scrambling for our mobile phone in our pocket or handbag.”

Use with Your Own Glasses

PogoCam attaches magnetically to glasses you already own using the included PogoLoop adapter. PogoLoop works with just about every style of prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, and more.

Small, Light, and Easy to Take On and Off

PogoCam is just 1.7in x 0.5in x 0.43in — which is smaller than a tube of lip balm. And it weighs just 0.2 ounces — less than two dimes.

HD Photos & Videos

PogoCam takes 5MP photos and HD videos (720p). The camera itself holds up to 100 photos or six 30-second videos before transferring. The pocket-sized smart case allows you to offload and store 16,000 photos or 180 thirty-second videos.

Recharge & Store More On-the-Go

Dock PogoCam in the included smart case and it automatically offloads your photos and videos while charging the camera (up to three times while on the go). The smart case holds up to 16,000 photos or 180 thirty-second video clips.

Transfer Images & Share Them Everywhere

Transfer photos wirelessly from the smart case to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® with our free iOS and Android PogoCam apps. A USB-C cable for fast video downloads to your computer is also included.

Free iOS & Android Apps

With the PogoCam app, you can transfer photos wirelessly from your smart case to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth®. The app also allows you to view battery and storage status, adjust photos, and easily share images across social sites.

Pricing and Availability

PogoCam, including its wireless smart case is $149.00. When purchasing a PogoCam on PogoTec’s ecommerce site, PogoTec.com, initial customers purchasing PogoCam will receive a free pair of fashion non-prescription sunglasses with PogoTrack. Customers will also receive PogoLoop with purchase, a small, flexible connector that allows PogoCam to be attached to almost any style of glasses or sunglasses. PogoLoop comes in multiple sizes and a template guide to help consumers choose the right size for their eyeglass frames.

About PogoTec

PogoTec™, Inc is a privately owned company incorporated in Delaware. Its core initiative is to enable electronic wearable devices with a special focus on eyewear. PogoTec’s product offerings consist of; PogoTrack: a proprietary attachment means for attaching electronic wearable devices to eyewear while maintaining the fashion look of eyewear and PogoCam: the world’s smallest and lightest camera attachable to eyewear. PogoTec’s management team and Board of Directors have extensive experience in creating and commercializing innovation. PogoTec has been extremely diligent in protecting its intellectual property and has numerous patent applications filed around the world. For more information about PogoTec, please visit www.PogoTec.com.

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