New App Understands Images, Suggests Captions & Hashtags for Social Media Marketing

Recently launched app helps SMEs create in-house digital marketing campaigns with intelligent content suggestion capability. New feature let's user describe the image and receive caption, hashtag and content suggestions.

London, United Kingdom, December 29, 2017 — Recently launched app, Elephant Social has added a new feature called “Emotos” to the software.

As of October 2017, social media apps for digital marketing have offered businesses relevant articles for re-post and recommended secondary or tertiary content. While relevancy was maintained, a brand's content strategy faced immense dilution in terms of originality. This has led to drops in rankings and decrease in organic growth.

Elephant Social's “Emotos” feature, let's a user describe his/her image and then suggests original, intelligent content. On signing up, a user describes their industry, business and tone of marketing – formal, casual or young. On completion of registration, a user can start clicking or uploading images of their product or other inspirational shots. They are then offered multiple adjectives, nouns and verbs to choose from. The app understands the motive through selected options and suggests creative content to accompany the image. The app’s sequential user-interface gamifies the process of creating content. A user feels compelled to systematically add images of their product, edit them to professional standards and schedule them for automatic posting.

The app focuses on relevancy, originality and punctuality – the three most important criterias for social media algorithms.

Elephant Social is currently gaining significant attention in the GCC and MENA region. It is gradually releasing updates for various languages to make social media marketing accessible to many small businesses across the globe, while eliminating contextual barries and generation gaps. It marks the first step in wholesome introduction of automation in the field of creative communication.

The Elephant Media Network (mother company of Elephant Social) has heavily focused on it’s goal of putting the power of global digital agencies in the pocket of SMEs. Elephant Social is the product of that revolutionary goal. Available on PlayStore and App Store.

About Elephant Media Network

Elephant Media Network (EMN) has a vision of evolving multiple fields through digital platform automation and invention. EMN works on various design and development solutions using automation at its core for innovations, revenue savings and empowering multiple sectors especially SMEs. Elephant Media Network is currently looking for collaborations across disciplines and is on the constant look-out for fresh talent.

Elephant Media Network was founded in 2016 by Omer A. Rana and has taken EMN global offering the company’s bespoke services worldwide with a presence in London, Dubai, Geneva and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

YouTube Channel – Elephant Media Network

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