Moving towards smart and safe public transport systems – Come meet Teleste at AusRAIL Plus 2017 in Brisbane!

Turku, Finland – 16 November 2017 – Public transport is changing fast as passengers demand smarter, safer and smoother ways to move around.  Teleste invites you to meet our team at AusRAIL Plus, stand 654 , to learn about our smart on-board and video security systems designed to meet the needs of modern mobility. We look forward to meeting you at the show in Brisbane, 21-23 November .

Teleste Rail – modular approach to modern mobility

Teleste Rail is our modular approach to the challenges of enjoyable and safe public transport .  We have created a portfolio of passenger information and video security solutions that work seamlessly together, and allow public transport operators and rolling stock manufacturers to build and run a modern public transport ecosystem. Whether on-board or at stations and stops, the modular system architecture ensures that our customers can choose the right modules for their needs and easily adopt new features and functionalities when their requirements change. Our modern and mature technologies are compliant with railway industry standards and the same technologies are available for trams, trains, and metros .

At AusRAIL 2017, we will highlight the following Teleste Rail modules:

  • Our IP-based video management system, the S-VMX, with live demonstration . In addition to gathering video footage, and monitoring and managing situations in real time, our system supports the integration of an extensive range of various subsystems, such as Video Content Analytics (VCA) , Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and SCADA , which are designed to improve many daily operations with added intelligence and analytic features.
  • On-board solutions trusted by the largest rolling stock manufacturers . Including features such as CCTV, passenger information (PIS) and infotainment delivery, our on-board solutions are developed in close cooperation with international rolling stock manufacturers and railway operators. Among our customers are major rolling stock manufacturers such as Alstom and Stadler .
  • Our Mitron passenger information display family , including modern high-quality display screens for use on-board and at stations. The display family includes TFT LCD, RGB LED and monochrome LED displays with excellent visibility in all lighting conditions. Our displays have a strong, vandal resistant construction, and a high tolerance for disturbances, mechanical stress, and solar radiation.
  • Integrated video and data solutions on the state-of-the-art Mitron TFT information pillar. The 47-inch pillar includes an integrated eye-level covert camera, which offers superb video performance, a wide dynamic range, and excellent visibility. Providing a smart way to enhance safety and security via e.g. forensic identification, the pillar also creates a top-notch platform for advertising and the delivery of passenger information.
  • Teleste Care for Rail – professional services designed to support rail operations more cost-effectively. From our wide service offering, our Teleste Rail customers can choose the services that best meet their needs. We promise life-time support for our solutions, and our customer-specific service concept ensures that there is no need to pay for services you don’t really need.

For more information about our AusRAIL Plus 2017 offering, please visit our web page . We look forward to seeing you in Brisbane!

Inquiries for more information:
Mirkka Lamppu
Director of Communications, Teleste Corporation
Tel. +358 2 2605 611
[email protected]

About Teleste

Teleste offers an integrated product and service portfolio that makes it possible to build and run a better networked society. Our solutions bring television and broadband services to your home, secure your safety in public places and guide your use of public transport. With solid industry experience and drive for innovations, we are a leading international company in broadband, security and information technologies and related services. We connect with our customers through a global network of offices and partners. In 2016, Teleste’s net sales reached EUR 260 million and the company employed over 1500 people. Teleste is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. For more information see and follow @telestecorp on Twitter.

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