Lyon + Post Launches L+P Insider Membership Loyalty Program


L+P Insider Membership Program


Lyon + Post, whose innovative approach to fashion retailing has delighted thousands of customers, is now rewarding its members with a new benefit: a loyalty program that will let L+P members earn bonus spending money and other benefits for their purchases.

L+P Insider will enable Lyon + Post members to earn bonus points for their purchases and new-customer referrals that can be exchanged for credits that can be used to buy even more of the company’s high-end designer products. Members will also be able use their standing in the program to get the first look at new styles before they’re publicly released, and the highest-rated members will get special member services and access to special Insider sales and events.

“We thrilled to be able to reward our best and most loyal members with a way for them to be treated like fashion industry insiders,” said Lawrence Wisne, Lyon + Post’s founder and CEO “L+P Insider is a unique program that exemplifies our commitment to using innovation to create a better fashion buying experience for our members.”

Lyon + Post has been a pioneer in online fashion retailing, providing its customers with the ability to easily order and try on designer clothes before purchasing them. Lyon + Post carries clothes and jewelry and is targeted to modern women who are busy and maybe don’t like malls, but want on-trend clothes from brands they love – she knows her own taste and wants the freedom to choose what she likes or needs in her wardrobe. The company offers brands that are typically available only at stores like Nordstrom and higher-end boutiques.

The new L+P Insider program offers four levels of benefits to Lyon + Post members, based on how much they spend with the retailer over the course of a calendar year. The qualifying spending includes both dollars the member spends with Lyon + Post and one-third of the dollars spent by new customers from member referrals to the store. In fact, with enough referrals, a Lyon + Post member could attain the highest L+P Insider level, Diamond, without spending a dime herself!

There are many ways for Lyon + Park members to earn points in the new program. The L+P Insider benefit levels are:

  • Blue: Available to all L+P members. Blue members receive the usual Lyon + Post benefits of free two-day shipping, a seven-day try-on period and phone/chat/email support.
  • Gold: Available with 2,500 points of qualifying spending. Gold members receive $1 end of year credit for every 300 points, as well as access to special Insider Sales and Events—plus all the benefits available to Blue members.
  • Platinum: Available with 6,000 points of qualifying spending. Platinum members receive $1 end of year credit for every 250 points, higher priority access to sold-out styles, as well as special shipping benefits—plus all the benefits available to Gold members.
  • Diamond: Available with 14,000 points of qualifying spending. Diamond members receive $1 end of year credit for every 200 points, highest priority access to sold-out styles as well as a special 24-hour VIP Member Services concierge program—plus all the benefits available to Platinum members.

It’s easy to quickly earn points in the L+P Insider program. Bonus points are available for quickly purchasing or returning items in an order, or for writing a product review. A Premium Referral program will also accelerate benefits for members who help refer new customers to Lyon & Post. Each L+P Insider level also gets priority access to new products ahead of lower-level members. More details of the program can be found at

“We’re excited to provide amazing benefits to our most loyal members,” Wisne said. “We’re looking forward to our members feeling like they’re in an exclusive club as they rise to the highest level of the L+P Insider program.”

Based in San Francisco and founded in 2015 by Lawrence Wisne, Lyon + Post is changing the game in the fashion industry by developing the most sophisticated platform in ecommerce retail in the “Try Before You Buy” market. Lyon + Post has more than 30 partner brands carrying thousands of items, including Frame Denim, Show Me Your MuMu, GRLFRND, Mother, ATM, Heartloom, Velvet, BB Dakota, Equipment, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Joie, Current Elliott, Paige Denim, LNA, Vince, Elizabeth and James, and more; new brands get added each season. Lawrence Wisne is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur with past senior positions at, Sugar, Inc. and Trulia. The company has been funded to date with seed money.

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