Just Announced: Advanced LinkedIn Sales Course For Those Who Want To Be Social Sales Superstars

New York, NY December 08, 2017 – Those who are in a professional sales occupation must be able to manipulate social media in order to develop strong relationships with buyers. The market will be even more competitive in 2018, especially in New York City, with the reality of people from all over the world competing to stake their own claim at either an impeccable sales record or their own company.

LinkedIn is the number one B2B sales driven social network that, when used correctly on a daily basis, CAN lead your business/company to success. Google Awarded LinkedIn Sales and LinkedIn Marketing Trainer, author, and Social Selling Keynote Speaker, Jasmine Sandler, will be leading her 4-part LinkedIn Sales Intensive Course at Keller Williams NYC from January 8th, 2018- January 31st, 2018. This informative LinkedIn Sales Course is meant for professional salespeople and entrepreneurs in New York City.

Why Should You Attend This LinkedIn Sales Course?

If you want to improve your game on LinkedIn, then taking this 4-part course will be the best way to help you do so. The course includes a full action packed workbook along with a 4-part lecture on all you need to know about selling on LinkedIn in 2018. This is what you can look forward to by registering for the course:
• Week 1-Developing Your Personal Selling Brand for LinkedIn
This is a deep dive into creating your personal selling brand. This features your focus, voice, content, frequency, and positioning.
• Week 2-How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Visible & Engaging
LIVE examples and instructions on how to boost your profile for targeted customer visibility and how to use LinkedIn daily to drive engagement.
• Week 3- How to Effectively Use the LinkedIn Tools for Selling
This will be a deep review of ALL related LinkedIn tools for Marketing, Branding and Selling, and best practices for daily use.
• Week 4- Leveraging Your LinkedIn Personal Brand for Your Other Business Development Efforts

You will learn how to use your new powerful LinkedIn Personal Brand across your other business development efforts to increase your client conversion.

Why Jasmine Sandler?

Millions are impressed by Jasmine Sandler for the amount of success they receive due to her work in Social Selling Training. She has authored several books on LinkedIn Marketing and Social Selling, along with being called upon to create custom LinkedIn Sales Training course for a plethora of organizations. She has delivered over 300 Keynote Speeches on Social Selling to executives and independent sales reps at major organizations.

Here’s what a few sales professionals had to say about Jasmine:

Robyn Hatcher- Keynote Speaker, Author, Communication/Public Speaking Expert
“Jasmine has an incredible wealth of Knowledge around social media, social media marketing and marketing strategy. She is passionate about her subject and is skilled at knowing how to communicate her passion and knowledge.”

Judy Mines- Business Development at RVM Inc.
“Jasmine makes using LinkedIn easy and fun. I was at one of her seminars and couldn’t wait to get back to my office to start using LinkedIn more efficiently.”

For over 100 LinkedIn client testimonials, visit http://www.jasminesandler.com/client-testimonials/

All about the Host and Venue
This will be hosted by Keller Williams New York City, who is a leader in NYC real estate. The venue is a comfortable learning environment, complete with furnishings for a relaxed experience.
For more information contact:
Alexa Johnson, Director of Advertising and Marketing, Keller Williams New York City
Direct: 646.923.9480 ext.8480
Mobile: 917.623.3566
alexa ( @ ) kw dot com



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