JRRNY Launches RangeInfluence.com, Bridging the Gap Between Travel Influencers and Brands

    SEATTLE, WA, November 21, 2017 — Today, JRRNY.com, a social travel platform, announced the launch of RangeInfluence.com, a self-service marketplace connecting travel and outdoor influencers to brands and destination marketing organizations (DMOs). With the launch of Range Influence, JRRNY is introducing the first travel-specific influencer platform to allow brands and influencers to come together to create instant campaigns.

Brands and destinations simply submit a paid influencer request on RangeInfluence.com, where thousands of influencers can apply to fulfill the brand's request to create content on Facebook, Instagram, JRRNY.com, and other popular social networks. Brands can then review results, approve the work, and funds are paid directly to the chosen influencer by Range Influence. JRRNY receives a portion of all proceeds paid to influencers by brands.

“JRRNY has been a favorite way for me to create and share my travel adventures,” explains Lori May, a leading travel Influencer. “With the launch of Range Influence, I'm looking forward to discovering more paid opportunities to share my travel experiences.”

“We have used JRRNY for some of our experiential marketing, and we look forward to expanding our use of influencers in the future,” says Jordan Brandt, VP of Marketing for GrowlerWerks.

The process is easy and accessible for everyone. Brands and influencers sign up at www.RangeInfluence.com. After a brief review period by JRRNY staff, profiles can be found on the platform; brands can begin posting their content creation opportunities, and influencers can begin pitching to complete them. Once an influencer is selected by a brand for an opportunity, they are notified through Range Influence and can maintain communication on the platform for the duration of the project.

About JRRNY: Founded in 2015, JRRNY is a social travel platform and media company based in Seattle, WA. JRRNY has generated millions of readers for shared travel experiences by providing an easy-to-use content creation platform that allows anyone to post photos, stories, and videos. Range Influence is a platform that is tied to thousands of influencers on JRRNY and other social networks that represent hundreds of millions of travel-minded followers around the world.

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