InterDev Helps the City of Canton, Georgia Modernize Technology Systems and Deploy Advanced GIS Mapping Capabilities


InterDev, an Atlanta-area provider of information technology, security and geographic information systems (GIS) services, was recently selected by the City of Canton to upgrade its legacy IT and GIS systems. The engagement grew out of an IT and GIS assessment that InterDev was initially contracted to perform for the city.

“InterDev has been very helpful from the start of the assessment through the upgrades, ensuring that our technology and GIS systems support the municipal activities of our growing, progressive city,” said Canton City Manager Billy Peppers. “We have really enjoyed working with the InterDev team.”

InterDev completed and presented the assessment in June, proposing hardware and software upgrades and GIS enhancements over a three-month period to coincide with the end of Canton’s fiscal year. Now InterDev is carrying momentum into the new year, providing 20 hours of IT assistance and 16 hours of GIS management each week. The InterDev team is achieving a sweeping upgrade of Canton’s IT infrastructure including:

  • Upgrading servers from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2016 to provide state-of-the-art server functionality and security
  • Virtualizing hardware with VMware to maximize operating flexibility and control
  • Installing a new Fortinet firewall to secure all municipal data and operations
  • Replacing all network infrastructure with Cisco networking hardware
  • Expanding data storage so the city has significant room for growth

On the GIS side, InterDev has implemented its cloud based MosaicGIS™ platform, empowering Canton with enterprise-grade software-as-a-service GIS based on Esri and supporting city personnel with 24/7 access to a fully managed, secure ArcGIS server and database. InterDev is helping Canton become much more informative and open with its GIS than ever before.

InterDev is also helping the city perform a “city limit audit” that will give the expanding city an authoritative understanding of its current city limits. To achieve this goal, InterDev is running GIS analysis on a variety of city and county data and ensuring all taxable parcels are included within the boundaries of the refined city boundary.

When the current activities are complete, Canton plans to retain InterDev to provide IT and GIS guidance to its internal staff on an ongoing basis.

“Historic cities like Canton, which grew over a long period of time, often benefit from a fresh, professional perspective to determine which systems are no longer suited to their current operating state,” said InterDev CEO Gary Nichols. “It is rewarding for us to help these cities equip and prepare themselves for a very bright future.”

About the City of Canton
Set conveniently between Atlanta and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Canton offers scenic views of foothills and the Etowah River, which flows through the historic city. Since 1834, Canton has been a vibrant community that is welcoming with charm, a progressive spirit and endless opportunities for all with shopping, dining, events, arts and exceptional parks. Canton has been ranked the #1 Best Place to Live in Georgia by Movoto Real Estate, the #3 Safest and Most Peaceful Place to Live in Georgia by, the #4 Top Millennial City by the North Atlanta Business Post, and the #11 Safest City in Georgia by Safewise. For more information, visit

About InterDev
Beyond their principal role as strategic provider of Managed IT and Security Services, InterDev is well known as a champion of IT visioning and innovation for growing businesses and government agencies – a role they perfected over nearly four decades. In addition to managing and hosting IT operations for its valued clients, InterDev also offers MosaicGIS™, a cloud-based, software-as-a-service GIS platform based on Esri, as well as VoIP telecommunications services and circuit solutions. InterDev delivers services to business and municipalities throughout the Southeast and Midwest from their offices in Atlanta, Beaufort (SC) and Chicago. For more information, visit

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