Greenbelt Resources bioethanol APPROVED BY NCM BioTech FOR Extraction

PASO ROBLES, Calif., Nov. 16, 2017 — Greenbelt Resources Corporation (OTC:GRCO) (Greenbelt) has announced that the bioethanol produced from its ECOsystem process meets the high standards of Natures Comfort Meds Biotechnology (NCM Biotech) for use in performance testing of its patented CBD (aka canibidiol) extraction process. The bioethanol tested was produced from local brewery waste, a feedstock targeted for use by Greenbelt's Paso Robles ECOsystem (PRECO). When complete, PRECO will be a waste-to-energy interconnected system (ecosystem) designed to produce half a million gallons of bioethanol from a variety of feedstocks available in the Paso Robles area.
“Our goal in reaching out and testing Greenbelt's bioethanol was to find a more sustainable option not only for our extraction process, but to show our customers that we are committed to producing products in the most sustainable way possible.” says Frederick R. Ferri, NCM Biotech president and founder. “That option has been found.”NCM Biotech says its patented CBD liquid extraction process removes cannabinoids from plant material in higher levels than other methods. During this process, NCM Biotech uses ethanol. In addition to using the CBD extraction process themselves, the company also sells technology licenses to other cannabis companies.“Based on the testing results, we are confident our ethanol will do well in NCM Biotech's CBD extraction process,” says Darren Eng, Greenbelt CEO. “As NCM Biotech moves into performance testing with Greenbelt's bioethanol, we are positioned as an ideal bioethanol supplier for all companies who license and use NCM Biotech's CBD extraction process. The results also demonstrate the value of our bioethanol in the growing cannabis market.”New Frontier Data, a cannabis market research and analytics firm estimates that sales will reach $24.5 billion by 2025. Author Kenneth Morrow, in The Extraction Evolution, writes that 90 percent of all cannabis produced and sold in the future will be processed and extracted.About NCM Biotech Natures Comfort Meds Biotechnology (NCM Biotech) is dedicated to the research and development of cannabis oil for the treatment of various illnesses, diseases and chronic pain as a symptom of various diagnoses. Our unique and industry leading medicine has a patented extraction process, which results in the highest quality oil with levels of CBD much higher than any other leading competitor. It is because of this patented process, we are able to build a foundation of research and clinical process that allows our company to procure strategic partnerships and further expand our capabilities nationwide.About Greenbelt ResourcesGreenbelt Resources Corporation is an award-winning provider of sustainable energy production systems focused on delivering modular solutions that enable the localized processing of locally generated waste into locally consumed products. Greenbelt designs, develops and implements technology that makes the production of advanced biofuel reliable, practical and efficient. Controlled by proprietary automated controls, Greenbelt's small-scale, end-to-end modular systems convert food, beverage and other cellulosic wastes into commercially viable advanced biofuels (bio-ethanol), animal feed, fertilizer and filtered water. For more information visit Statements & Safe HarborThis document includes certain statements, predictions and projections that may be considered forward-looking statements under securities law. These statements involve a number of important risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially including, but not limited to, the supply and demand for biofuels, our ability to remain technologically competitive and other economic, competitive and technological factors involving the Company's operations, markets, services, products and prices.Contact:Darren Eng, CEO Greenbelt Resources Corporation888-995-GRCO (4726 x 101)[email protected]

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