FloorSwitch App to Revolutionise the Way the World Sees Floors

St. Helens, UK — 11/16/2017 — The 'imagination gap', the point between a sample request and a loss of custom, currently costs the UK flooring industry an estimated £60 million per year. FloorSwitch is set to solve this problem with their revolutionary augmented reality flooring application.

Utilising the latest in mobile technology, FloorSwitch have developed the World's most technologically advanced edge detection system that allows users to visualise the floor with minimal to no user input.

“Currently, users are required to draw a mask around the floor and to edit the result. This is not only a time consuming process but the outcome often has the adverse effect to the intended purpose, making the flooring product look significantly worse.” Explains Benedict Van Bose – Chief Technical Officer, FloorSwitch.

“We have spent years developing the technology to create crisp, clean masks along the edge of the user's floor. We are talking pixel-perfect level edge detection. The result is an identical recreation of the user's floor overlaid with any flooring product we choose.”

“Technically, our edge detection system is years ahead. For companies that are looking for the best representation of their product within user homes, there is no equivalent service to FloorSwitch. Nothing comes close.”

“International roll-outs of augmented reality have shown great results. Perceived product values increase by over 60% and conversion rates sky rocket. With an estimated 900 million augmented reality devices by the end of 2018, companies would be foolish to disregard this growing sector and its exponential growth.”

FloorSwitch are currently looking for forward-thinking manufacturers and retailers that operate within the flooring sector that are keen to improve sales and consumer awareness through the advancement of augmented reality.

Carpet, Tile, LVT, Ceramic, Wood and Stone manufacturers and retailers interested in a demonstration of the FloorSwitch augmented reality application can contact the FloorSwitch Beta team at  [email protected] . Interviews available upon request.

Benedict Van Bose, Chief Technical Officer
Company: FloorSwitch
Address: FloorSwitch, Ellamsbridge Road, St. Helens, WA9 3PY, UK
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.floorswitch.com

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