Fairfax Mortgage Investments Revamps Website

Fairfax Mortgage Investments

Fairfax Mortgage Investments

Fairfax mortgage brokerage FMI recently relaunched an expanded website, including in-depth information on available financing models, as well as interactive tools to help illustrate how the firm can help customers of all financial backgrounds.


Fairfax Mortgage Investments has recently relaunched their website, with the goal of providing customers with a more user friendly, informative, and aesthetically pleasing experience when they visit the Fairfax mortgage broker on the web. Fairfax Mortgage Investments has been in business since 1990, working towards making the process of buying a new home as easy as possible for residents of the Virginia, Maryland and D.C. regions. Now, they’ve applied that simplistic aesthetic to their website, hoping to make it as easy and straightforward as possible for visitors to find the information they need about the company and their home financing options.

For customers in need of a Fairfax mortgage broker, the new FMI website will quickly direct them to the information they need to get started by researching their potential financing solutions. The site includes a modern, interactive aesthetic. For instance, a quick graphic asks visitors what range their credit score falls in, and based on that information, provides information about how FMI can help the visitor fulfill their homeownership goals. Under the “Services” section of the website, there is a detailed description of all of the various types of financial products FMI utilizes to help obtain funding based on the different financial situations of their customers. There is also a dedicated section regarding financing for first-time homeowners. The Fairfax mortgage brokerage provides specialized services, such as credit rescoring, to help first-time buyers bring their dream home into reach. Finally, the website contains a comprehensive “Resources” section, where visitors can obtain all of the applicable forms and information needed when applying for home financing. This includes the loan application documentation that will need to be filled out in order to apply for financing from FMI.

Barron Rothenbuescher founded the Fairfax mortgage brokerage over 25 years ago in order to provide options for hopeful homebuyers who might not fit the traditional model that banks look for in borrowers. The mortgage brokerage has expanded greatly since those early days, but the guiding principle of the firm has been the same since Barron Rothenbuescher first opened the doors of the Fairfax mortgage brokerage. To ensure this is the case, he personally continues to monitor every client that comes into the business. His mission has always been to find a financing solution for his clients, no matter how complicated or difficult their present financial circumstances may be. At the new FMI website, found at https://www.fairfaxmortgage.com, visitors can read about the multitude of tools at the disposal of the Fairfax mortgage firm to accomplish exactly this. FMI is headquartered at 3900 University Dr, #300, Fairfax, VA, 22030. Consultations are also available by telephone at 703-214-7255.

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