ExaDigm’s N5 Smart Payment Solution Now Certified on TSYS


N5 Smart Payment Solution

We wanted this payment device to offer the flexibility to support new and evolving payment options, while still conforming to the latest standards of EMV compliance.


ExaDigm, Inc., a leader in Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminal solutions, received certification from TSYS, a leading global payments provider, for ExaDigm’s N5 Smart POS wireless payment solution. The N5 hardware facilitates multiple payment types, including NFC, EMV, and PIN-based transactions.

“We are constantly working to increase our EMV certifications, to help our customers achieve the latest standards of compliance with affordable and future-proof devices. The TSYS certification is significant as it comes from one of the global payment leaders,” says Tony Dabbene, CEO of ExaDigm, Inc.

The Android-based N5 has many connectivity options, including WiFi, and can stand alone or work with an existing POS solution. The N5 also has certifications for the highest levels of security and compliance, including EMV, PCI PTS, and PCI-PADSS. It also features:

  • Large 5.5-inch screen ideal for multi-media use, including video demonstrations or advertisements
  • Dual CPU, which allows merchants to run customer-facing content while maintaining a secure CPU for payments
  • Built-in thermal printer behind the screen
  • Optional docking station that functions as a charger as well as a WiFi hotspot

“We designed the N5 to run on the Android operating system. We wanted this payment device to offer the flexibility to support new and evolving payment options, while still conforming to the latest standards of EMV compliance,” Dabbene explains.

TSYS, known for their “People-Centered Payments®,” supports financial institutions, businesses, and governments in more than 80 countries. Headquartered in Columbus, GA, TSYS provides issuer services and merchant payment acceptance for credit, debit, prepaid, healthcare and business solutions. TSYS has local offices throughout the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific. This certification is the second awarded to ExaDigm this year. In March 2017, TSYS certified ExaDigm’s EMV application, designed for retail and restaurant use on its NX and G3 series’ of payment terminals.

About ExaDigm, Inc.

ExaDigm offers a one-stop payment solution for hardware and wireless needs. ExaDigm provides affordable and customizable payments solutions and wireless communication services that enable businesses worldwide to perform payment transactions confidently, securely, and efficiently. This effort includes purpose-built terminals that meet EMV requirements, provide integrated solutions, and offer dedicated personalized support. As a leading provider of wireless data solutions, ExaDigm Wireless meets the needs of businesses requiring end-to-end device-managed connectivity, offering stand-alone retail and wholesale solutions, failover solutions, as well as a wireless value bundle. For more information, visit http://www.exadigm.com.

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