European Long-Term Investors Association is interviewed in the run up to speaking at Benelux Infrastructure Forum next week

November 16, 2017 – SMi has released an interview with Helmut von Glasenapp, Secretary General, European Long- Term Investors Association where Helmut speaks of recent advancements within the field:

Where do you see the biggest potential for growth and development is for the alternative markets inside of the Benelux region in the next 5 years?

Investors in EU Member States will continue their efforts to fight against climate change. Important investments in the fields of energy and energy efficiency are necessary in the next years.
Digitalisation will also be an important field of investments both with tangible assets notably in rural areas as well as intangible assets in the field of education and learning. European societies will also see significant changes in social infrastructure. With an ageing population and the trend of urbanisation on the one hand and a continuing flow of migrants on the other hand our social systems will look differently in 10 years from now. The health and education sector as well as the housing sector needs significant investments to be prepared for the needs of tomorrow.

Why should social infrastructure be a focus for investors?

ELTI launched in early 2017 the High-Level Task-Force on Social Infrastructure. The Social infrastructure in the areas of health, education and affordable housing needs to be different in 10 years compared to today’s situation. We see an investment gap of 170 bn Euro per year (!) for the next decade.

What effect will Brexit have on EU infrastructure?

It is too early to analyse the impact of the Brexit to infrastructure needs both in the UK and on the continent. As long as it is not clear which will be the future relation of the UK to the EU and under which environment the economies will interact a reliable prediction is not possible. If there will be significant changes e.g. for the Internal Market there might not be sufficient time to adapt to the new needs. For the moment both the EU Member States and the European Commission try to limit negative effects for the European Economy and European citizens. However, with any change Investors will have to re-calibrate their portfolios over the next years.

To hear more from Helmut and download his interview visit

Speaking on day two of the event, Helmut will focus his presentation on the initial findings from the European Union’s High-Level Task Force (HTLF) on European Financing Policy in the Social Infrastructure Sectors.

The conference has established itself as the industry-leading event for the Benelux region and will provide an unparalleled opportunity to learn and network amongst senior executives in this thriving industry. Benelux Infrastructure Forum provides a platform to meet major players within this industry from banks, constructors and institutional investors to the lawyers and the regulators.
Further information is available at online at:

16th Benelux Infrastructure forum
22nd-23rd November 2017
Movenpick Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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