ENS Releases Puc, a Point of Sale Technology Mounting Solution

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 15, 2018 — Puc™, by ENS – Engineered Network Systems, improves in-store consumer technology operations by providing power and connectivity all-in-one mounting solution at NRF Retail's BIG SHOW 2018.

“Puc is uniquely designed to charge a host tablet and communicate with up to four additional POS peripherals,” said Adam Norling, ENS product designer. “We designed Puc with retail interior in mind.”

Puc solves for the future of retail, which demands mobility, by supplying power and connectivity for smartphones, displays, laptops, tablets and other products. Puc is compatible with iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows, offering retailers the flexibility to choose the right mounting solution.

Puc fits on ENS Genesis stands, and includes back cable housing covers to protect equipment cables and prevent criminals from installing unauthorized devices.

“The back housing covers not only hides all equipment cables, but also provide a clean, sleek look at the point of sale area,” said Norling.

Puc has been rigorously tested by the ENS New Product Development team and proven to meet the highest standards in the industry, earning USB-IF certification. It is also proven compliant to operate with other USB products. 

Learn how ENS can help put technology to use in your stores by visiting www.ens-co.com. Email [email protected] to contact an ENS sales representative.

About ENS
ENS is the world leader in combining payments and mobile devices for complete mobility and MPOS solutions. We design and manufacture mounting and enclosure solutions with integrated charging and communication capabilities for tablets, monitors, keyboards, scanners, printers and payment devices. ENS was founded in 2000 with a focus on superb product quality, impeccable customer service and sound OEM partner relationships. With more than 100 years of combined engineering expertise, what sets ENS apart from our competition is our ability to provide custom solutions to meet the exact business needs of our customers. ENS products mount, protect, secure and store technology for our customers.

Media Contact:
Katie Brockhaus
Marketing Manager
[email protected]

SOURCE Engineered Network Systems

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