Dynamic Spectrum Access Policy Contract Won by an Orlando Based SDVOB

Orlando FL based Spectrum Bullpen, LLC won its first contract as a subcontractor to NY based ANDRO Computational Solutions (ANDRO) in September 2017. Spectrum Bullpen, LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned business created in 2016. The new contract will provide innovative solutions to Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) Policy and is funded though the National Spectrum Consortium (NSC). The Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) is the lead on the project.

Orlando, FL, November 08, 2017 — Spectrum Bullpen, LLC, headquartered in Orlando FL was recently awarded a defense contract to develop software which will create and manage policies to control the behaviors of radios. This software will reduce the need for our military warfighters to manually adjust the frequencies of radios to avoid interference. The policy engine will be automated to increase the ease of use and allow for more frequency utilization in areas which are presently saturated with over use of existing frequencies, or in areas affected by recent auctions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Spectrum Bullpen, LLC, working with the prime contractor and other subcontractors will research, develop, certify and test the policy engine as a part of the three year contract. The solution will be tested and is intended to transition to one of the military services. The main goal of this technology is to help organizations impacted by the selloff of military spectrum regain use of existing equipment operating in the affected frequency bands through the use of smarter, automated software policies.

The National Spectrum consortium (NSC) released the Request Prototype Proposal announcement earlier this year to allow its members to provide innovative solutions via proposals. The NSC is a spectrum consortium with multiple government agencies which collaborate through a $1.25 Billion Section 815 Prototype Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) with the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Emerging Capabilities Prototyping (ODASD, E&P). A company can join the consortium and bid on projects designed to bring capabilities to the military and reduce impacts of auctions such as the recent AWS-3 auction. AWS-3 is used to identify the Advanced Wireless Service licenses in the 1695-1710 MHz, 1755-1780 MHz, and 2155-2180 MHz bands.

The selloff of Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) is a normal occurrence and allows large communications companies such as Verizon to expand technology and coverage to their customers. President Obama issued a directive for the shared use of spectrum in the years to come. DSA enabled radios are a method which provides a solution to this mandate.

Spectrum Bullpen, LLC is a new startup company and is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Founded in 2016 with the intent of providing solutions for Electromagnetic Spectrum issues, Spectrum Bullpen is well suited to help move DSA enabled RF Devices to a level where the military units can benefit from the technology.

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