DuPont Presents New Nomex® Protective Solutions for Firefighters & Industry Workers at A+A


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We are proud of what Nomex® has made possible in the past. That is why we will continue to innovate and collaborate with companies around the world, using the unparalleled protection of Nomex® to help solve the toughest challenges of the next 50 years, and beyond.

GENEVA, Switzerland

DuPont Protection Solutions (DuPont) presented its new DuPont™ Nomex® based fabrics and innovative protective solutions for firefighters and industry workers at A+A in Dusseldorf, Germany. Among other advantages, these products offer better protection for industry workers against the thermal effects of electric arcs. In addition, winners of the “Nomex® Innovation Award 2017” were honoured at a gala ceremony at the show. The award is open to members of the DuPont™ Nomex® EMEA Partner Program, a carefully selected network of spinners, weavers, knitters and garment manufacturers.

The 50th anniversary of Nomex® inherently flame-resistant fibres was another highlight of the fair, in addition to various activities presented at the stand and throughout the year. DuPont invited its key partners worldwide – the partner program currently comprises 125 companies in 40 countries all over the globe – to a dinner at the iconic Rhine Tower to celebrate the occasion and express their appreciation for their support in making the brand what it is today.

Innovative Protective Apparel for Firefighters and Industry Workers
For firefighters, DuPont presented garments featuring new outer shell fabrics such as Nomex® NXT, Nomex® 3DP and Nomex® 360 and introduced the new cutting-edge materials Nomex® Nano and Nomex® Nano Flex. The unmatched Nomex® technology provides maximum thermal protection with increased wearer comfort and offers an efficient barrier against toxic particles.

To protect industry workers from the thermal hazards of an electrical arc, DuPont showcased new Nomex® brand fibre-based fabrics combining very high arc resistance with optimized wearing comfort. Samples undergoing IEC/EN 61482-1 (Method A) arc flash testing have achieved ATPVs (arc thermal performance values) between 4 and 100 cal/cm2.

Nomex® Innovation Award – Outstanding Innovations to Protect Human Lives
The DuPont™ Nomex® Innovation Award honours companies within the DuPont™ Nomex® Partner Program that are demonstrating excellence in terms of design or system integration and provide added performance or functionality. Various Nomex® partners have participated in this year's awards, particularly in the “Fire-Fighting Innovation” and “Thermal Industrial Innovation” categories.

The winners in the “Fire-Fighting Innovation” category were:

  •     Innovative solutions to hazardous particle protection by VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT A/S
  •     S-GARD DYNAMATE by S-GARD Hubert Schmitz GmbH
  •     Bristol's Particulate Protection Hood by Bristol Uniforms Limited
  •     Hex Fire Intervention by Iturri

In the “Thermal Industrial Innovation” category, the award went to:

  •     Open flame and tick protection garment in Rosneft corporate style by FPG ENERGOCONTRACT, JSC

Nomex® 50th anniversary – a Reason to Celebrate
Nomex® was a result of fundamental research and development (R&D) in the 1960s conducted by DuPont scientists Paul Morgan and Stephanie Kwolek. In 1967, these brand fibres were commercialized and have been used across a diverse range of applications. Today, more than 3 million firefighters around the world are protected by turnout gear, station wear and accessories made of Nomex® due to its unique combination of flame protection, durability and mobility. Nomex® also is used in apparel worn by military pilots and combat vehicle crew; auto racing drivers, pit crew members and track officials; and industrial workers at risk from flash fire and electric arc hazards. Furthermore, the fibre is used for honeycomb panels in aircraft production as well as for insulation materials in electrical engineering.

The new brand platform, Nomex® Never Quit™, exemplifies the spirit of the heroes and innovators around the world who rely on the unparalleled protection of Nomex®, while underscoring the DuPont commitment to continuous innovation.

“We are proud of what Nomex® has made possible in the past, said, John Richard, DuPont™ Nomex® global business director. That is why we will continue to innovate and collaborate with companies around the world, using the unparalleled protection of Nomex® to help solve the toughest challenges of the next 50 years, and beyond.”

Nomex® Knowledge Center to Raise PPE Safety Awareness
To help choose the appropriate protective solution for industry workers facing electrical hazards, DuPont launched the Nomex® Knowledge Center ( at A+A – a comprehensive virtual hub of tools and information to support safety professionals throughout their decision-making process. Once registered, users will gain access to a simple, downloadable step-by-step guide to specifying the right protection for workers, from hazard assessment through to fabric selection and garment recommendations. Moreover, the platform provides a wide range of whitepapers and supporting material as well as a compilation of relevant standards and explanations of their significance for safety professionals in the workplace.

About DuPont Protection Solutions
DuPont Protection Solutions, a business unit of DowDuPont Specialty Products Division, is a global leader in products and solutions that protect what matters – people, structures and the environment – and enables its customers to win through unique capabilities, global scale and iconic brands. DuPont™ Kevlar® helps protect law enforcement officers, military personnel, athletes and astronauts; DuPont™ Nomex® helps protect firefighters, industrial workers and race car drivers, as well as mass transit and wind energy systems; DuPont™ Tyvek® helps protect chemical industrial and healthcare workers, as well as sterile medical devices and building construction; and DuPont™ Corian® helps protect hospital patients against infection. For more information about DuPont Protection Solutions, visit:

About DowDuPont Specialty Products Division
DowDuPont Specialty Products, a division of DowDuPont (NYSE: DWDP), is a global innovation leader with technology-based materials, ingredients and solutions that help transform industries and everyday life. Our employees apply diverse science and expertise to help customers advance their best ideas and deliver essential innovations in key markets including electronics, transportation, building and construction, health and wellness, food and worker safety. DowDuPont intends to separate the Specialty Products division into an independent, publicly traded company. More information can be found

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