DriveScale Extends Composability Platform to Support Kubernetes and Docker

Enables Scalable, Persistent Storage for Containers with Software Composable Infrastructure

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwired – Dec 6, 2017) – KubeCon — DriveScale, the leader in delivering Software Composable Infrastructure (SCI) for modern workloads, today announced support for Kubernetes and Docker, providing persistent storage for container environments. Enterprises today are relying on container technology and orchestration to help them achieve business results faster. The combination of DriveScale's Software Composable Infrastructure solution and Kubernetes enables businesses faster time to market at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

SCI is the underlying innovation in the DriveScale System. This data center solution empowers IT to disaggregate compute and storage resources and quickly and easily recompose them to meet the needs of the business. DriveScale supports modern workloads such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, and now Docker and Kubernetes at a fraction of the cost of alternative platforms.

To address the demand for scalable, persistent storage for containers, DriveScale offers a FlexVolume plugin that gives IT administrators the ability to disaggregate storage from Docker and other containers in Kubernetes, delivering data locality, and IO scalability and performance for containerized applications. In addition, DriveScale allows users to reallocate storage for containers, maintaining persistence and giving IT operators the performance and cost points of locally attached storage.

“If you are running stateful applications, you need stateful storage,” said S.K. Vinod, VP of Product Management at DriveScale. “For DevOps teams running Kubernetes-based environments, DriveScale's composability platform is the key to providing direct attached storage-like performance and persistence across containers.”

“The use of containers for Development, DevOps and ITOps remains a key emerging trend, and we continue to see a lot of innovation in the digital infrastructure, applications and services needed to drive business forward,” said John Abbott, founder and distinguished analyst at 451 Research. “Today's new modern workloads, such as cloud-native applications, require high-performance, localized storage. Using Software Composable Infrastructure, DriveScale's offering gives enterprise-scale organizations new levels of scalable, persistent storage for containers. This non-traditional approach brings greater agility, efficiency and security critical to IT teams seeking to lower costs and achieve digital transformation.”

DriveScale FlexVolume Plug-In
DriveScale's FlexVolume plug-in combines the orchestration agility and resiliency of Kubernetes with performant persistent storage. The benefits include:

  • Improved Performance and Availability
    • No data replication when physical servers fail
    • Automatically adjust resources between silos without impact
    • Server upgrade/maintenance without impact
  • Failure Resiliency
    • Reduce recovery time from hours to minutes
    • Transparent to applications running on the container
    • Preserve Data Locality and Performance
  • Increased Infrastructure Efficiency
    • Optimize Compute to Disk ratio based on workflow demands
    • Redistribute compute resources as needed to meet response time needs of specific applications

DriveScale FlexVolume plug-in with support for Docker and Kubernetes is available immediately.

About DriveScale
DriveScale is the leader in Software Composable Infrastructure for modern workloads. Our innovative data center solution empowers IT to disaggregate compute and storage resources and quickly and easily recompose them to meet the needs of the business. Enterprises can respond faster to changing application environments, maximize the efficiency of their assets, and save on equipment and operating expenses. DriveScale supports modern workloads such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, NoSQL, Cassandra, Docker, Kubernetes and other distributed applications at a fraction of the cost of alternative platforms. DriveScale, based in Sunnyvale, CA, is founded by technologists with deep roots in IT architecture that built enterprise-class systems for Cisco and Sun Microsystems. Investors include Pelion Venture Partners, Nautilus Venture Partners and Ingrasys, a wholly owned subsidiary of Foxconn. Visit or follow us on Twitter at @DriveScale_Inc.

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