Devon Self Storage and VaultDrop LLC Announce Free Unlimited Cloud Storage as an Amenity for Self-Storage Customers

Free Unlimited Cloud Storage

By combining traditional self-storage with free unlimited cloud storage, Devon Self Storage is accommodating all of their customers' needs, providing safe, secure digital and physical storage.

“We worked with Devon Self Storage to offer a unique product which creates incremental revenue and profit, while also providing an amenity to help them gain and retain customers.” -Matt Pilling, Sales Manager at VaultDrop, LLC.


Today, Devon Self Storage and VaultDrop, LLC announced the implementation of their new Free Unlimited Cloud Storage product for all customers at more than a dozen properties operated by Devon Self Storage. By combining traditional self-storage with free unlimited cloud storage, Devon Self Storage is accommodating all of their customers' needs, providing safe, secure digital and physical storage.

“This is a ground-breaking idea,” said Jim Mooney, Jr., Vice President of Operations at Devon Self Storage.

VaultDrop can be accessed through the web as well as through its user-friendly mobile apps for iPhone and Android. VaultDrop customers may use their unlimited cloud storage to store their photos, music, documents, video, and much more for sharing with friends, family and coworkers. Customers may also receive their storage invoices and other information from the property directly to their VaultDrop account.

“We see this as a competitive edge,” said Matt Pilling, sales manager at VaultDrop, LLC. “As the industry becomes more homogenous, Free Unlimited Cloud Storage offers owners a product which sets them apart from the competition.” “This helps to increase occupancy rates,” Pilling continued, “and can be used to justify rate increases.”

“It also creates more interaction between customers and the property managers, giving the customers a feeling of appreciation and confidence that they made the right rental decision,” said Pilling.

Many Devon Self Storage customers have already benefited from using their Free Unlimited Cloud Storage. “This is such a clever idea for Devon Self Storage to offer its customers free cloud storage. It made me smile,” said Leigh, a Devon Self Storage customer in Charlotte, North Carolina. “It’s awesome that the service is free and unlimited” she added. “So far, I have moved all the pictures on my phone to the cloud… Next, I will start on my computer.”

About Devon Self Storage

Since 1993, we have drawn from the vast experience of our management team to achieve the highest returns for our investment partners and the best self storage experience for our customers. We pride ourselves on our selection of facility features, upkeep, and knowledgeable storage professionals. Our dedication to customers is illustrated by consistent high reviews and returns. Our goal is to truly provide the best storage solution for our customers. We’ve worked hard to become a leader in a large industry. We’re trusted for a reason: Our employees are experts in self storage and welcome the opportunity to help our customers and provide high-quality, clean storage space. We’re in the business of providing peace of mind. From the security features to accessibility, everything we do promotes our customer’s confidence in us.

About VaultDrop, LLC

Launched in 2016, VaultDrop provides secure unlimited cloud storage primarily through industry partnerships. Our partners’ customers can store their pictures, videos, documents, and all other files and selectively and share them with others. Every VaultDrop account is protected using patented security technology provided by that affords superior safety from hacking and other threats. Cloud storage usage has increased at over 25% per year, and VaultDrop allows innovative self-storage companies to partner in offering Free Unlimited Cloud Storage to their customers for the Total Storage™ experience. Devon Self Storage now offers Free Unlimited Cloud Storage through VaultDrop, LLC at more than a dozen of its properties. By combining traditional self-storage with free unlimited cloud storage, Devon provides safe, secure digital and physical storage to accommodate all of its customers' needs,

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