David T. Richardson Named President and CEO of Neuronetrix


Entrepreneur David T. Richardson, has been named President and CEO of Neuronetrix Solutions, LLC, a leader in advanced neurocognitive technology. The company is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and developed the FDA approved COGNISION® system, a breakthrough cognitive testing and analysis system that is used by both physicians and scientists to identify and evaluate Alzheimer’s dementia, concussion and other cognitive disorders.

The Neuronetrix management team also includes Founder and Chief Technology Officer, KC Fadem, Chief Science Officer, Marco Cecchi and Chief Business Development Officer, Matt Ullum. Fadem and John H. Barker, MD founded the venture capital-backed company in 2004.

Richardson was recruited by Neuronetrix investors in early 2017 for the President and CEO position. “I saw it as an attractive opportunity to help commercialize a valuable technology that had been in development for many years,” says Richardson. “With the relatively recent FDA approval for COGNISION®, we are now able to provide this advanced medical device to physicians and pharma companies for patient care and drug development.”

Richardson’s background includes leadership positions with several of Louisville’s most well-known private equity and venture capital-backed growth companies. Most recently, Richardson was President and CEO of The Learning House, Inc. a company that he led the acquisition of in 2007. Richardson led Learning House to realize significant top-line revenue growth and sold the company in 2011 to Greenwich, Connecticut-based Weld North LLC. Richardson continues to serve on the Learning House board of directors. While CEO of Learning House, Richardson also co-founded and was the first Chairman and CEO of Capture Higher Ed, a high growth education technology and analytics company that operates in Louisville today. Richardson was also President and CEO of RentalHouses.com, Inc. from 2005-2007, where he was credited with raising capital, growing revenue, and ultimately exiting to a KKR-backed portfolio company in 2007.

“We are pleased to have someone like David, with a proven track record in successfully growing and exiting venture capital-backed companies, join our team,” says Fadem. “Our growth plans for bringing the COGNISION® system to the market are substantial and we are excited about our future as we grow this company together.”

About Neuronetrix Solutions, LLC
Neuronetrix is an emerging med-tech company focused on transforming the diagnosis of patients with cognitive disorders by providing accurate and meaningful clinical information to health care professionals early in the disease process. This information is critical to clinicians who wish to provide optimal care for their patients and to scientists who are searching for ways to treat these devastating disorders.

COGNISION® is a patented, FDA cleared medical device and software system used by clinicians to perform electroencephalograph (EEG) and event-related potential (ERP) testing. These tests provide neurologists objective measures of cognitive function which are critical in evaluating a wide range of cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s dementia, traumatic brain injury, and concussion. COGNISION® is also used by pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations (CRO) in clinical trials and drug development. The COGNISION® system is owned by Neuronetrix Solutions, LLC.

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