DataPath Examines How New Technologies Can Revolutionize Benefits Administration for TPAs

New white paper analyzes the current state of software technologies and the impact on CDH account and COBRA administration.

Little Rock, AR, December 06, 2017 — A new white paper released today by DataPath, entitled “How to Revolutionize CDH Account and COBRA Administration with New, Seamless Technology for TPAs,” evaluates the evolution of computer technology and examines how current software solutions impact the work of third party administrators (TPAs). DataPath, a platform provider for consumer directed healthcare accounts, COBRA and billing administration, also highlights the importance of an all-inclusive approach to solutions development.

“The world is changing, and along with it, so is technology. In order to keep up, TPAs need a solution that can improve their day-to-day operations,” says Greg Licata, vice president of product development for DataPath. “A platform with seamless functionality for CDH account and COBRA administration can meet TPAs’ demands infinitely better than separate or integrated systems.”

As computer systems and technology have progressed, TPAs need modern solutions to help them provide quicker, more efficient and more reliable benefits administration. TPAs must either partner with multiple vendors to address all their needs or find a partner who can offer them a single, comprehensive solution. According to the white paper, some vendors tout a single system but actually offer an “integrated” solution, two or more platforms bolted together to appear as one. These “integrated” systems introduce many potential problems with data integrity, records keeping, cost control and other processes important to TPAs.

In “How to Revolutionize CDH Account and COBRA Administration with New, Seamless Technology for TPAs,” DataPath proposes that an all-inclusive approach offers a more efficient solution with better data reliability and greater overall value for TPAs.

The full white paper is available for download at

About the company: DataPath, Inc. is privately-owned technology company based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since 1984, DataPath has been creating solutions for the administration of consumer-directed healthcare accounts, COBRA, billing and payments. The company is also an end-to-end card processor. Learn more at

Editor’s note: DataPath vice president, Bo Armstrong, is available to speak on the topic as an expert on emerging market trends within the benefits industry.

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