Comfort Now by Bob McAllister Helps a Needy Family Stay Warm for the Holidays

Somers Point, NJ — 01/16/2018 — On January 10th, 82-year-old Joe Gallagher of Rio Grande, New Jersey was overjoyed to learn that he and his son had been designated the 2017 recipients of Comfort Now's Holiday Heater Giveaway. Chosen from a pool of 25 nominees, Joe – a military veteran who lives alone with his handicapped son – had been nominated by his neighbors, Charles and Kelly Dougherty.

Comfort Now by Bob McAllister, a company that provides comprehensive HVAC services in the Atlantic and Cape May Counties of New Jersey, has conducted this giveaway for the past four years. During the holiday season, they give a free heater to a needy family in the area. Anyone can nominate a potential recipient. After the submission period, a committee reviews the nominations. The owner of the company, Bob McAllister, even visits certain nominees himself. Once they have collected enough information, they choose an appropriate recipient.

In their submission, Charles and Kelly Dougherty noted that Joe and his son live on a fixed monthly income. Because of their limited finances, the Gallaghers had no spare money to repair their broken heater. At the time, they were using space heaters and their oven for heat, which presented a huge safety hazard. The Doughertys emphasized how much they felt Joe and his son deserved the giveaway.

After visiting the Gallaghers, Bob McAllister decided that not only should Joe and his son receive a free heater, but also that they deserved a new, free air conditioning system. Read more about Joe Gallagher's story here.

Comfort Now by Bob McAllister believes in putting customer satisfaction first. From inspection and consultation to installation, customers can be confident that they can trust Comfort Now with the safety and comfort of their home. To learn more about the results of this year's giveaway and about the company, visit

About Comfort Now by Bob McAllister
Comfort Now by Bob McAllister offers a wide selection of heating and cooling solutions to residents of the Atlantic and Cape May Counties of New Jersey. Along with their top-of-the-line HVAC products and services, they provide exceptional customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

To learn more about their company, visit

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