Comba Telecom Wins Small-Cell Innovation of the Year Award

Innovative Design and Technology of Scalable Heterogeneous Network Solution Earn Praises

HONG KONG, CHINA–(Marketwired – Nov 16, 2017) – Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited (“Comba Telecom” or “the Group”) (HKSE: 2342), a global leading wireless solutions provider, has won the Small-Cell Innovation of the Year Award at the 10th Telecom Asia Readers' Choice & Innovation Awards 2017 co-organized by Telecom Asia and Questex Media and readers' votes decided who win. Comba Telecom was recognized for the innovative design of its Scalable Heterogeneous Network Solution in the small-cell category.

Comba's Scalable Heterogeneous Network Solution is an innovative network densification solution designed for small and medium telecom operators, especially those in developing countries. Built on an IP/IT-based lightweight network infrastructure, this end-to-end turnkey solution features a macro and small cell coverage overlay for fiber-like connectivity at higher throughput with lower latencies — enabling small to medium telecom operators to put together highly cost-effective wireless networks.

Mr. Frank Deng, General Manager of Network System Business Unit at Comba Telecom said, “The Scalable Heterogeneous Network Solution is an innovative network densification solution that provides IP and IT-based light weight network, enabling small and medium-sized telecom operators to build a competitive compact network in a cost effective way. The solution is extremely flexible and can be applied for scenarios such as small cell coverage, core network, remote area solution, private networks and 5G upgrades. Telecom operators can rely on this to gain a competitive edge and generate new revenue.”

Mr. Simon Yeung, Executive Director and Senior Vice President of Comba Telecom and President of Comba Telecom International said, “It is an honor for Comba Telecom to receive the award from a major regional publication like Telecom Asia. Comba Telecom has long been at the forefront of small cells technology development and its solutions have been widely deployed in China and around the world. To serve the society today, a wireless network of high capacity and accessible everywhere is essential and small cell technology plays a crucial role in making it happen. Our small cell solutions enable fast rollout of a wireless network with high capacity and extensive coverage thus can help operators meet ever growing demand for better mobile coverage and capacity.

“In this smart age, we are trying to have everything connected. Comba Telecom has been dedicated to R&D and execution of wireless products and solutions. In the coming years, we will continue our effort to enlarge market share and, working together with operators, embrace the advent of the 5G era.”

About Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited
Comba Telecom is a global leading wireless solutions provider with its own R&D facilities, manufacturing base, and sales and service teams. The Company offers a comprehensive suite of products and services including wireless access, wireless enhancement, antenna and subsystems and wireless transmission to its global customers. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Comba Telecom's global operations include manufacturing bases in China, R&D centers in China and the USA and more than 40 offices worldwide. Comba Telecom has been included into several indexes including the MSCI China Small Cap Index, Hang Seng Composite Index (Information Technology Industry Index, MidCap & SmallCap Index and SmallCap Index), Hang Seng Global Composite Index, Hang Seng Internet & Information Technology Index, as well as Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index. For further information, please visit:

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