Collectible Card Club Offers Limited Edition Shirt For Next 100 Subscribers


The Collectible Card Club has announced that the next one hundred subscribers will also receive a limited edition t-shirt with their first box. Through their new sports card subscription service, Collectible Card Club is providing sports fans the opportunity to relive some of their most cherished childhood memories or making way for new cherished traditions.

This new subscription service offers a variety of box options. You can specify which sports to include, as well as a choice of modern (current players), vintage (past players) or both for a surprise experience every month. The subscriptions will include card packs from Topps®, Upper Deck™, Panini, Donruss, Fleer and other well-known brands.

“We have quickly seen a community of sports fans and card collectors come together and share their memories with us on social media,” said Robert Smith, CEO and founder of the Collectible Card Club, headquartered in Dallas. “To celebrate our rapidly growing Collectible Card Club community, we are offering the next 100 subscribers a limited edition shirt with their first box to continue the card collecting fun wherever they go.“

Each subscription box is chosen specifically for the recipient with a surprising and delightful combination of cards representing various teams and a range of athletes. Sports enthusiasts can choose from Collectible Card Club’s three levels of subscriptions, including:

  •     Silver – This includes 5 unopened packs per box, cost is $12.95 per month, or $139.95 per year.
  • Gold – This includes 10 unopened packs per box, cost is $21.95 per month, $229.95 per year.
  • Platinum – This includes 15 unopened packs per box, cost is $30.95 per month, $319.95 per year.

For each package option, you can choose all sports or individual sports including baseball, football, or basketball. There is also a category for all “other sports” that includes soccer, hockey, golf, MMA, WWE and more.
Shipping is included and sales tax will be added for orders in Texas.

The next 100 subscribers will received a t-shirt with their first box and all orders placed before Dec. 20 will be guaranteed to receive the first box before Dec. 23. Subscriptions ordered after Dec. 15, Collectible Card Club will make every effort to ship in time for Christmas, but cannot guarantee arrival. A certificate about the subscription will be available for printing for any orders not received in time.

To place your order, visit Collectible Card Club and follow the company on Facebook.

About Collectible Card Club
Founded by entrepreneur Robert Smith, the Collectible Card Club offers a customized sports experience in a monthly sports card subscription service with a wide variety of options. Collectible Card Club aims to recreate the nostalgia of childhood card collecting that parents can share with their kids. For more information visit

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