Citizens for Radioactive Radon Reduction’s 2018 Campaign “The Radon Medical Battle: The Fight is On”

The Fight is On::

2018 January: CR3 News Magazine

My doctors determined that my lung cancer was from Radon. I didn't know my home had Radon levels so high …

WATERLOO, Illinois

Citizens for Radioactive Radon Reduction, publisher of CR3 News Magazine, today announced that the January 2018 National Radon Action Month issue will be the first of “The Fight Is On:: Radon Awareness Campaign” series highlighting the efforts of medical societies, hospitals, physicians, health care support organizations and patients’ strong efforts to educate the public about radon effects and resolution. Each publication will provide radon-related health care information from local, national and international organizations. The stellar publication, which is the “only” magazine publication dedicated strictly to radon, will be used to bring more attention to the medical community efforts of reducing radon in homes, schools and workplaces. The announcement was made by Gloria Linnertz, Director and Jacquelyn Nixon, Marketing and Publishing Director.

Health care advocates stress that Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer death and that there is urgency to making this deadly disease a national priority. Along with that message, there will be strong emphasis on educating people about the “second” leading cause … radon. They promote the testing of properties for radon, which is inexpensive, so that people know their levels and the health impact!

The first 2018 issue of CR3 News Magazine will feature a strong emphasis on the medical arena, showcasing lung cancer, radon as the second leading cause of lung cancer and the medical community’s involvement in joining the fight to bring about awareness. Additional stories will cover lung cancer patients, cultures & lifestyles, physicians & scientific opinions, legislative updates and available services.

The online publication provides very interesting audio and video heartfelt stories and reports regarding radon issues and resolution that will capture your attention.

“I love the idea of using video to tell radon stories, instruct, and share helpful tips, and I want to create a memorable, positive, action-oriented experience for readers. In a world that is visual, we need to go to our audience and show them that radon is extremely serious!” Jacquelyn said.

Gloria launched CR3 News Magazine in January 2017. It quickly became an industry phenomenon, with a readership that includes industry leaders, world health organizations, health care advisers, scientists and patients. Inspired by the interest from the different industry fields, Gloria saw the future need to create a publication about radon that can be read in the waiting rooms of hospitals, doctors’ offices, social service agencies … “anywhere a person will pick up a magazine while waiting.”

“We have a truly wonderful partnership with many of the radon industry leaders, and we’re excited to introduce a vehicle for all of them to participate in that lets the reader know that the issue of radon is serious and cannot be ignored,” Gloria said. “We have an extraordinary opportunity to connect with people through, CR3 News Magazine which will translate our radon awareness message to a new platform for everyone to read.”

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