Best Interactive Catalog Maker from FlipBuilder Is Developed with Rich Features

Hong Kong, China — (ReleaseWire) — 01/15/2018 –FlipBuilder is a powerful fast-track solution for designing and creating catalogs and newsletters online professionally for free that can help one, take business solutions to new heights. The interactive catalog maker Flip PDF is a creative way of branding your business needs. With the ease of creating the catalog and newsletter in PDF, one can access and download files in perfect format.

Branding with Catalog and Newsletter

Company logo makes a lot of difference in the website appearance. A better way is to display brand to readers and target people with sales strategy. From the toolbar to the edition page, branding with catalog and newsletter is widely recognized among the target audience. Likewise, it means engaging in targeting market to ensure that people know about the brand and the services being offered.

Express with Interactive videos, Audios, Flash and Photos

With FlipBuilder interactive catalog maker, one can insert videos, audios, flash, and bulk images to make the design of catalog ready for sales. Online digital product catalogs should be eye-catching and attractive enough to bring new customers and improve conversion rate.

Interact socially

Online Product catalogs can become an excellent way to attract new clients and get more orders. Share the link to catalog and newsletter with social media for building traffic and increasing sales market.

Track through Google Analytics

FlipBuilder allows tracking of online products catalogs, page likes, bounce rates, conversions, and transactions while making changes with Google Analytics improving the web presence. Also one can measure key performance metrics and KPI's to optimize core marketing strategy and create the right content with words for the audience. Measure the different activities, as it happens and builds out customized reports from the platform one is equipped with.

So, forget about paying heavy charges and design new interactive catalog and design easily and Free with working on the catalog design maker and changing Web appearance.

About FlipBuilder
FlipBuilder's flipbook software is used to create online catalog and newsletter which has more enhanced features like- Interactive reading, traffic analytics, smooth mobile support, cloud publishing, animated photo gallery, multi-language support, embed rich media, social share, and wide distribution services.

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