Artist and Teacher, Don Mathias, Partners with Nogginwear to Roll Out New Peanizles Products

Nogginwear’s support of artists continues to grow with creation of hats and apparel for local cartoonist.

Artist and Teacher, Don Mathias, Partners with Nogginwear to Roll Out New Peanizles Products

Boston, MA, December 07, 2017 — Nogginwear, the First & Only Premium Hat Subscription is rolling out several hats this year, including 3 hats for cartoonist, illustrator and children’s book author Don Mathias. Don is the creator and author of the wildly successful comic collection children’s book series Peanizles (pronounced Pea-Nih-Zles).

Don Mathias, a mild-mannered art teacher by day and a book writer, cartoonist and illustrator by night, created Peanizles in July 2009 and now has 3 books published, collecting his “almost daily strip” along with a recently released and published children’s storybook “The Day the World Lost Its Color.” Mr. Mathias has also had his artwork featured in several book compilations, including The Sakai Project, celebrating thirty years of multiple award-winning comic book creator, writer, artist, Stan Sakai's marvelous samurai rabbit saga, Usagi Yojimbo and Team Cul de Sac: Cartoonists Draw the Line at Parkinson's, a tribute book to Richard Thompson’s comic Cul De Sac.

Don grew up and still resides in Andover, Massachusetts. He has had a passion for drawing comics his entire life, starting his first newspaper comic in 1998 which ran in the Andover Townsman for more than ten years. “I met with Scott Weldon knowing Nogginwear hats are amazing. I had several of their hats in my collection and had a desire to create really cool hats but had no idea how to proceed,” said Mr. Mathias. “What is awesome about the Nogginwear program is all I had to do was supply the artwork and promote the final product on my social network to my fans. Scott and his team didn’t reveal what they had in mind for the hats, so when I received the designs for my hats I was blown away at how perfectly they had captured the essence of my characters in the form of a hat- exactly what I wanted, I was ecstatic.”

Nogginwear is unique in its business model because they don’t just design and manufacture diverse premium-level quality retail hats for their subscription business but also use their experience to advise and work with many artists from all over the world to capture the core personality of the artists work and combine it with an appropriate and great hat style. “Working with Don on this project has been very rewarding. He was open to our ideas and let us tap into our experience to create hats that were appropriate to his amazing style and characters,” said Scott Weldon, CEO of Nogginwear. Weldon goes on to say, “We make it easy for artists and cartoonists. We’ve created a program where they have a zero up front investment in the project. Nogginwear creates the hat based on artwork supplied, and then the artist promotes the hat to their vast social media network while Nogginwear simultaneously promotes it within its own network which then generates pre-orders and sufficient interest to justify the size of the production run. Nogginwear also takes complete responsibility for production costs as well as shipment to customers.” Weldon goes on the say: “Nogginwear is built on a love of making hats. Working with artists like Don Mathias just enhances our passion and creative drive.”

Nogginwear is a name that has become synonymous with its ever-growing legacy of limited edition hats. Nogginwear is quickly getting known around the world for hat design and creativity, by partnering with successful individuals like Chef Brian Duffy from Bar Rescue, Chef Chad Rosenthal from Food Network, Stan Sakai, creator of Usagi Yojimbo, Hillbilly Weatherman and many more.

About Nogginwear, LLC
Nogginwear is co-founded by 3 guys from New England; Scott Weldon, CEO, Bob Callahan, COO and Chris Lambert, CFO. Nogginwear came to life sitting around a table at Starbucks sketching out how to make hats fun, limited edition, one of a kind and delivered right to your mailbox. The Nogginwear team has well over 20 years of hat industry experience designing hats of all styles, fabrics and applications for companies all over the world. View Nogginwear Limited Edition Hats at

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