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Free Automated Board Support Package during online design with Geppetto D20

AutoBSP, named for Automated Board Support, instantly generates a device tree file for your custom hardware design in the Geppetto® Design-To-Order system.

“Providing free automated board support , 3D modeling, pricing and reference documents with one click during the online hardware design process saves hours of engineering time and cost.”

— Gordon Kruberg, Gumstix CEO.

REDWOOD CITY, CA, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2017 — Gumstix®, Inc., the leader in design-to-order embedded hardware systems, announced the release of AutoBSP, another free download service in the Geppetto® Design-To-Order (D2O) system that simplifies programming Linux devices.

AutoBSP joins the AutoDoc and 3D free downloads available to anyone who designs a hardware device in the Geppetto online D2O.

With this launch, Geppetto creates and compiles the device tree specific to a given design. A device tree is used in Linux to specify drivers and the configuration of the peripherals attached to processors running Linux. In the future, AutoBSP will also include network and application code specific to designs.

“There is so much more to getting a device running than soldering components onto a PCB, “ says Gordon Kruberg, Gumstix CEO, “Of course Geppetto has long made that easy for a designer; we are pleased to extend its capabilities to providing the code needed to run them. Along with 3D models and automatically generated Reference Documentation, this forms the core of a pretty complete BSP.”

Gumstix will continue to expand support for new platforms and new applications in AutoBSP and the Geppetto libraries. The new service generates device trees for systems from Toradex, TechNexion, and Raspberry Pi, covering processors from Texas Instruments, NXP, and Broadcom. Support for Qualcomm platforms is imminent, and extensions allowing Arduino and real-time processors from ST Micro are currently under development.

Geppetto® D2O, is a free online design and production tool for creating custom expansion boards. A hardware design can be completed in hours, and ready to ship in fifteen business days. As they design, users can compare alternatives for features and costs, create multiple projects, and go straight from a design to an order in one session. Gumstix engineers verify all Geppetto-manufactured devices before shipping. The initial total manufacturing cost is $1999 with reduced rates for quantity discounts and repeat board spins. Gumstix products and quantity discounts are available at the Gumstix online store.


About Gumstix, Inc.
As a global leader in design-to-order hardware and manufacturing solutions. Gumstix® gives its customers the power to solve their electronic design challenges with Geppetto® D2O — the onlin
e design-to-order system — and a broad portfolio of small computers and embedded boards. In addition to engineers and industrial designers, Gumstix® helps students, educators, and makers unlock their creative ideas to bring them to market. Since pioneering the concept of an extremely small computer-on-module (COM) with a full implementation of Linux in 2003, the company has grown to support over 20,000 diverse customers. Gumstix systems have launched some of the world’s coolest products – from phones to drones – on commercial, university, and hobbyist workbenches in over 45 countries. For more information, visit

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